S’wheat News: Winning First Place In Net Zero Funding Award!

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Scottish EDGE, the largest business funding competition in the UK, has awarded S’wheat first place in the Net Zero category! Our founders, Jake and Amee, have earned £100k to help us on our environmental mission and maybe even bring you some new products…

Back in 2019, the duo was awarded the Young EDGE category for their innovation in creating our sustainable plant-based bottles. Winning the top prize in the Net Zero category this year means that we can grow our brand and spread our dedicated environmental message far and wide! S’wheat is a certified enterprise and so we always keep a circular economy at the very forefront of our mission, which is why it is so meaningful for S’wheat to be recognised for what it is.

About S’wheat

In case you don’t know, S’wheat creates reusable bottles made from discarded wheat stalks and bamboo, which not only eliminates the need for new, unnatural materials, it means we can offset more carbon than we produce through our wheat and bamboo water bottles and environmental tree-planting project. We are the only reusable bottle brand that plants trackable native trees with each bottle sold, allowing consumers to view where in the world their trackable tree has been planted and to see their positive ecological impact.


Available online RRP £25

We also work with bigger companies to help eliminate any unnecessary waste that could be hindering their sustainability goals. Our co-branding allows these companies to purchase personalised water bottles in bulk to replace any single-use plastic bottles and cups that may still be in use in the workplace. When you co-brand with S’wheat, we will plant a minimum of 50 trackable native trees in your company’s name and provide you with a detailed environmental report to show the impact your order has made. 

Our wheat and bamboo water bottles make the best sustainable corporate gifts to impress any potential clients and inspire sustainability within your workplace. Any old branded wholesale water bottles, typically steel or plastic, can be clunky, hard to clean, and easily dented. On top of this, it’s a little known fact that stainless steel reusable bottles are highly energy intensive to manufacture and actually use more energy than they would for plastic! Although technically recyclable, it’s unlikely steel bottles are often recycled as it can be a tricky process. 

So what is it that makes S’wheat so special?


Made from sustainably sourced plant-based materials which are all natural and biodegradable.

The wheat stalk we use removes more carbon from the atmosphere during photosynthesis than it emits, helping us to maintain our status of a carbon negative brand.

Bamboo and wheat are naturally antimicrobial and therefore really resistant to adverse weather conditions and damage from pests, making them highly renewable. 

This also allows us to avoid any toxins such as BPA and melamine or chemicals from pesticides and fertilisers.

These are hardy and durable plants, making our bottles stronger and more resistant to damage than your average stainless steel reusable bottle.

We always use eco-friendly packaging - even the packing peanuts are biodegradable!

Suitable for coeliacs and other gluten-free diets.


For every S’wheat bottle sold, we plant a trackable native tree that allows you to see where in the world it is needed most.

We provide additional income to the farmers who discard the plant by-products we source for materials. 

This also prevents unnecessary emissions created from waste material incineration.

We help larger organisations to work towards their sustainability goals by reducing their carbon footprint, minimising plastic waste, and providing an impact report to showcase this.

We donate a percentage of profits to environmental restoration projects.

Uses one sixteenth of the energy produced by a steel bottle during manufacturing. 


Weighs 250 grams - nearly half the weight of a stainless steel bottle.

550ml capacity.

Dual opening for easy cleaning and simple use with no leakage.

Naturally insulated therefore suitable for hot and cold drinks.

Three times higher tensile strength than stainless steel.

Features a handy carabiner clip to bring with you wherever you go.

S’wheat bespoke co-brand bottles in custom colours

Co-branding with S’wheat is a simple and affordable route to take if you want to improve sustainability within your company. Our material also means we can make the perfect bespoke products just for you.

  • Low price, high quality sustainable products.
  • Onboarding gifts to welcome new employees.
  • Personalised water bottles for employees or customers.
  • Corporate gift sets with matching reusable bottle and lunchbox.
  • Sustainable promotional merchandise.
  • Eco drinks cups for events.
  • Charity event products.

No matter your desired outcome, S’wheat is here to help. Enquire about our co-branding and custom manufacturing to learn more!

Our co-branding process is simple:

  • Choose from our four distinct colours for your bottles or products: Black, Blue, Green and Oat. Alternatively, choose a Pantone shade to be true to your branding.

  • Send us your logo file and we will create a mock up image for you so we can review your design before moving forward with production.

  • We partner with a UK-based company who help us to use either high quality laser engraving or colour printing to create a unique design specifically for your company’s branded bottles.

  • We will plant a trackable tree for each bottle you order, so each recipient will receive their own QR code to see where their tree is and monitor the growth.

When buying water bottles in bulk, we know things can get a little pricey, which is why we offer a minimum order quantity of 50 bottles with competitive pricing.

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