6 Best Plastic-Free Corporate Gifts This Christmas

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S’wheat bottle

So you need to choose a holiday gift for your employees or clients, but what do you prioritise?

  • Cost?
  • Branding?
  • Practicality?
  • Sustainability? 

Fortunately enough, we have the perfect solution!

The plant-based S’wheat bottle can be personalised to show your company logo in high quality laser-engraving or colour printing. Either choose from our four distinct colours or we can custom match a Pantone shade to fit right in with your branding.

At a minimum quantity order of just 50 bottles, we will plant 50 trees in your company’s name, and you can review your customised environmental impact report to see exactly what a difference you’ve made. 

A single bottle costs £25, but we can offer generously discounted prices when you choose us for your promotional branded merchandise. We want to help as many companies to offset their carbon footprint as we can, which is why we make our products as affordable as possible whilst still raising money to fund our eco-conscious commitments.

Easy to clean: We noticed that the current reusable bottle market was severely limited in choice of easy-to-clean bottles, so we created ours to be cylindrical and to have a lid that easily screws on and off so you can give it a proper scrub.

Versatile: This bottle can be clipped onto your bag with the handy carabiner to take with you anywhere. It’s also naturally insulated, meaning that whether your drink is hot or cold, the temperature will be maintained for hours… perfect for tea or coffee on your way into the office on a cold January morning. 

Durable: Within 6-9 months in an industrial composting facility, your S’wheat bottle will have broken down and will never turn up floating in the sea or in an animal's stomach. However, this reusable bottle should remain strong and in good condition even with daily use for 5-10 years.

Sustainably sourced: Our material is made from wheat and bamboo which we source directly from farmers, supplying additional income for waste products that would have caused unnecessary emissions and avoiding the need for further material manufacturing. 

Efficient: Although our bottle weighs in at 250 grams, which is nearly as little as 50% of your average steel reusable bottle, the unique material means it even has a three times higher tensile strength too - and would you believe that during photosynthesis, wheat straw actually absorbs more heat from the atmosphere than it releases… pretty S’wheat, right?


Antibacterial: Our other component, bamboo, makes a fantastic reinforcement of our bottles' sustainable wheat properties. Due to its durability, we chose bamboo and wheat mix to make our stronger-than-steel (literally!) reusable bottles, but another positive to the both of these materials is that they’re both naturally antimicrobial and anti-odour.

Natural: Since our materials are all natural and sustainably sourced, we don’t need to use any chemical fertilisers or pesticides that may interfere with the bottle’s biodegradability. 


Enquire about co-branding here, or check out our blog for more information.

Natural soap

A nice, scented soap or bath product can never go wrong during the festive season. They can be tailored to your employees preference in scent, or you can choose a small selection box of products that will allow them to see which one they like the best. You could use bar holders or containers made from a sustainable material and get your company logo branded on it. These containers could then be reused as a corporate gift that will last. This could even apply to other similar hygiene products, from vegan bath bombs to plastic-free shaving kits. 

Winter clothing

What could be more appropriate for the colder temperatures than something nice and cosy? There are so many brilliantly sustainable brands that your employees would be delighted to receive gifts of. Fluffy socks, scarves, hats, blankets - there are so many opportunities to give a nice winter treat that won’t harm the earth.

Organic snacks

Everyone likes receiving delicious goodies for a gift, but so many plastic wrappers aren't going to help your company reach its ESG goals, so choosing a sustainable treat that isn’t wrapped in single-use plastic is the perfect solution. This is probably the easiest gift to tailor to someone's preferences, as you can choose from so many different options. Organic chocolates, vegan baked goods, fairtrade flavoured teas, selection hampers, the list is endless.


It can make the world of difference to a dull desk with some greenery about, so gifting your employees a little plant in a branded plant pot can be a thoughtful gesture. Plants that don’t need too much attention are ideal, such as succulents, aloe, and spider plants. These low maintenance gifts will give a bit of life to a busy workspace and can really improve focus and boost office morale. Plant pots can be easily personalised with your company logo to promote brand awareness. This can also be really useful when gifting to clients or potential customers.


Office stationery will always be practical around the workplace, and these can be easily found in sustainable alternatives. Recycled paper and biodegradable notebooks can be paired with plastic-free pens, or even plantable seed pencils that can be turned into a tree or plant once it is no longer of use. This is a fantastic solution for plastic waste around the office and can help your company really work on your corporate social responsibility.


There’s no point in going to all the trouble of finding a truly sustainable gift if the packaging doesn’t match. Did you know most wrapping paper cannot be recycled? A whopping 227,000 miles of wrapping paper is thrown away each and every year, so opting for recyclable or reusable packaging can help to cut down on this number. 

You can choose designed wrapping paper that is 100% recycled or even brown paper with a nice ribbon or coloured string tied around it can make a charming rustic design. Or, if you’re willing to spend just that bit more, get promotional tote bags with your logo on it instead of wrapping paper, so it can be reused as well as promoting brand awareness.

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