6 Ways to Use S’wheat Plant-Based Reusable Products

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Gym/sports bottle

The S’wheat bottle is often used for sports, the gym, and outdoor activities due to the practicality and convenience. Although this bottle is strong and durable, it weighs in at just 250 grams (that’s nearly half the weight of your average stainless steel reusable bottle), making it perfect to take along with you whether you’re off on a bike ride or about to hit the gym. The patented slide-to-lock mouthpiece means that it can be opened and shut with just one hand and with ease. What’s more is this reusable bottle is naturally insulated with an eco thermal wall, so you can always have ice cold water on hand no matter the weather. The handy carabiner clip also means it can be attached to your bag or clothes if you’re having an outdoor adventure or travelling.


leakproof bottle mouthpiece easy clean lid carabiner clip reusable insulated water bottles
featuring slide-to-lock mouthpiece and carabiner clip

Hot drinks 

As the nights grow colder and the days become shorter, a warm drink in your hands is sometimes all you need to accompany you on the grey commute home. Insulated steel bottles can be bulky and weigh down your bag, and did you know they’re not as sustainably sound as you may think? Yes, steel is infinitely recyclable, but it is disheartening to realise how little the waste we put into recycling is actually recycled. On top of that, steel is highly energy intensive to manufacture, and stainless steel is even more so - in fact, you would have to produce sixteen S’wheat bottles to equate to the amount of energy used for just one singular steel bottle. 

This plant-based reusable bottle is insulated with a natural eco thermal wall that will keep your drink hot on a cold winter’s day. Some coffee shops even offer a small discount when you bring your own reusable cup, so you can stop off and pick up a brew after work for a little less! You don’t have to worry about tea or coffee tainting the taste of your bottle either, as our unique material is naturally antibacterial and anti odour, as well as easy to clean, so you can rinse out your bottle and refill it with water whenever you like without a nasty aftertaste.

Plant-based smoothie

What’s better to put in your plant-based bottle than a plant-based drink? Try getting your go-to organic juice and decanting it into your S’wheat reusable bottle for a refreshing drink to take on your way with you, or blend up your favourite fruit and veg for a fresh drink that you know is 100% natural. Go one step further and grow your own greenery in the garden to throw together and make the most sustainably sourced smoothie you could ever find, because you know exactly what is in it. Again, no need to worry about a lingering flavour afterwards as the antimicrobial material will be as good as new after a quick scrub.

Employee gifts 

If you’re struggling with gifts for employees, whether that is for the festive season, birthdays, or welcoming new team members, the S’wheat gift box is the perfect little bundle. With the classic reusable bottle, and the all-new lunchbox and cutlery set, it’s the perfect gift to encourage eco-friendly practices and provide your staff with a practical yet super stylish set. Furthermore, purchasing bottles branded with your logo can be a great way to promote sustainability within the workplace which can boost your CSR goals and save you money on single-use water bottles and coffee cups. 

We offer co-branding with custom colour printing and high-quality laser engraving too, so you can gift your employees with company branded treats that will last. Custom colour matching is also available, so why not pick out your perfect Pantone colour match and get in touch? We can get back to you with a digital mock up of your design so you can design your corporate gifts exactly as you want them.

Events merchandise

Generally, advertising events are littered with plastic merchandise - both figuratively speaking and literally. Disposable plastic cups and bottles are enough of a detriment to the environment, with an estimated 100 million single-use cups being put to waste in UK events every year, but the amount of plastic and other materials that won’t be recycled that goes into cheap promotional merchandise is a problem on its own. 

In more positive news, the popularity of the reusable cup system at festivals and other events has accelerated in recent years. Many events will now offer £1 reusable drinks cups that are either kept or returned for the money back, but there are certainly some flaws in this system. Although a huge improvement from millions of single-use plastics strewn through fields, reusable plastic cups are still not 100% ideal as these will still often be discarded, whether intentionally or not, and wind up in the same position as if they were disposable. 

A S’wheat solution is of course: plant-based! S’wheat drinks cups are the best alternative to plastic drinks cups as even if they are disposed of, they will eventually biodegrade without a trace, so these can be used in a similar reusable hire system but without any detriment to the planet. This is a seriously cost-effective solution to plastic branded merchandise cups as you won’t have to fork out on recycling and waste disposal for plastic and other disposable materials.

plant-based reusable cups branded promotional merchandise eco events drinks cup

Promotional gifting

Gifting to your company clients and customers, or those you would like to be, is another way to spread the word about your brand organically. Deciding on promotional merchandise means choosing what you would like to represent your brand in the eyes of your target audience, so this should be a decision that is considered carefully. Contemplate a few concise traits that sum up your brand and choose a product that accurately portrays that.

Demonstrating your environmental initiatives through your promotional products can get your company noticed as a socially responsible brand, and this can bring a lot more awareness to your product or service. Building up a reputation as a brand who is aware of their environmental impact and consistently works to improve their sustainability makes a refreshing change to cheap plastic merchandise that no one has any use for. Thinking out of the box with your promotional products will make your company more memorable and customers and clients will be far more likely to keep you in mind, particularly if the product is something that can stay in their eyeline regularly. 

S’wheat’s practical plant-based products are sure to leave a lasting impression on those who encounter them, which is why they work so well as advertising merchandise. For example, a branded S’wheat bottle can be used as a water bottle, hot drinks thermos, juice cup - over and over and over again, so this is something that they will be able to see frequently.  

Enquire about our co-branding here to get your logo branded onto our sustainable S’wheat products!

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