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Starting a new role in a new place can be stressful at the best of times, so as an employer it is important to do everything you can to make this transition easier not just for your new member of the team, but for everyone.

Introducing a new member of staff to your company means a fresh set of eyes making an impression on your workplace for the very first time, and since you only get one chance at a first impression, it’s worth going the extra mile to inspire your new employee.

Prior to your new member’s first day, ensure you have everything in place so as to avoid any awkward uncertainty of what to do. Putting together a welcome pack can give you the opportunity to demonstrate how your company treats its employees and where your priorities and values lie as a brand. This can really benefit the individual receiving the onboarding gift as it can help make them feel welcomed and therefore acclimate sooner to their surroundings.

In this current age of networking via LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, employee welcome packs can actually double as strategic brand marketing. When starting a new role, members of staff are often inclined to post their branded onboarding goodies on social media to let others know what they may be interested in working with at the moment and also just to share some good news with professional connections. 

Upon receiving a branded gift pack, this is likely what will be posted to share the news that the individual has begun a new position in a company that is compassionate towards their employees, so carefully selecting what goes into this can be the perfect chance to really fine-tune your branding and reinforce the ideas that are most important in your ethos. This can be highly beneficial to HR professionals who may still be recruiting for vacant positions and those in PR who are aiming to create some positive brand awareness.

Whatever you choose to go into this corporate welcome pack is up to you, but just be sure that if you were to see it from an outside perspective that it would give off the impression you are aiming to achieve. This is a great time to showcase any CSR initiatives you have taken so if you have implemented recycling points, plastic-free alternatives, low energy power, any kind of environmental action, this is when you should be showing it off.

Branded gifting products from brands who have a positive reputation and are known for their environmentally friendly goods or services are a great route to take as this not only shows that you’re a company who is conscious of its own impact on the world but also can be a great source of encouragement for your employees to make a change themselves. This in itself can minimise waste within the company, save money, and reduce your carbon footprint.

S’wheat’s classic reusable bottles have now been joined by an exciting new product of the same plant-based material: the S’wheat portable lunchbox and cutlery set!

wheat bamboo eco reusable cutlery set sustainable portable utensils

S’wheat lunchbox and cutlery set


This set is the ideal solution to sustainable corporate branded gifting as our unique plant-based products fund eco initiatives including tree planting, removing ocean-bound plastics, creating renewable energy, delivering clean drinking water and more. With the help of Ecologi and companies that co-brand with us, we have managed to plant more than 8,000 trees so far! 

By simply co-branding with S’wheat, you can…

✓ Reduce single-use plastics in the workplace.

✓ Offset carbon emissions.

✓ Plant trackable native trees in your company’s name.

✓ Remove plastic waste from the ocean.

✓ Help to fund non-profit environmental initiatives.

✓ Receive an informative statistics report demonstrating your impact as a company.

✓ Encourage staff to re-think their environmental impact.

✓ Create awareness of your commitment to sustainability.

✓ Receive high quality products, high quality service, low environmental impact.

Alongside the naturally insulated reusable bottle and lightweight lunchbox with handy utensils, pairing this eco onboarding gift with other complementary products can create the ultimate sustainable employee welcome pack. 

Eco Employee Welcome Pack

  • Start off with a friendly and inviting welcome message letting your new team member know how excited you are that they have joined the workforce. 
  • Include an employee handbook or failing that, even just a simple set of notes that they may need handy for the first week or two of working. This may include little things like a nice local place to grab lunch, or the name of their HR representative or whoever they may need to ask for guidance, anything you think they may like to know but could easily forget. 
  • An itinerary of tasks to work on can be useful to include if it has not already been emailed to them as new employees may feel too uncomfortable to ask for their responsibilities to be repeated.
  • Basic supplies that they may need such as stationery should be included - no one wants to show up to their first day in a new role with no equipment. Bonus points if these can be found in eco-friendly substitutes!
  • To go with the S’wheat onboarding gifts, why not pair it with some coffees, teas, or snacks? It’s a welcoming gesture that most people will really appreciate and these can easily be found from sustainable brands.

What makes S’wheat so sustainable?

S’wheat is a carbon negative social enterprise, which means we offset more carbon than we produce. Our plant-based material consists of bamboo and wheat which is sourced from farmers, providing additional income for waste by-products. This combination of resilient plants creates the perfect material for a strong, lightweight, and insulated reusable bottle as both bamboo and wheat are naturally antibacterial and resistant to pests, infection, and adverse weather, so they have no need for toxic pesticides or fertilisers and the bottle won’t become mouldy or develop a funny smell like other reusable bottles can. It’s even designed with easy cleaning in mind, with a lid that unscrews and a mouthpiece that locks into place, this bottle can be opened and cleaned effectively in minutes yet won’t leak due to the design.

Enquire here about our co-branding to get your hands on our exciting new products!

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