Personalised Wholesale Water Bottles Made From Plants

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Employee gifts, promotional merchandise, branded corporate supplies… these things can eat a big chunk out of your budget if you’re not careful. Unfortunately, it has been made far too easy for us to settle on the cheapest thing we can, which is pretty much always made of plastic. Buying tens or hundreds of plastic personalised pens is certainly simple, but consider where those pens wind up when you’re on the receiving end. At the bottom of your bag, under your car seat, or are you genuinely using it daily?

When you buy branded products under your company name, it’s important to be strategic about where these products are going to show up. For example, a stylish, practical, and sustainable reusable bottle with your logo engraved onto the front is likely to be used often and for a long time, meaning your brand receives continuous free advertising! S’wheat’s personalised wholesale water bottles can be obtained through our super simple co-branding process, in which we will plant trackable trees in your company’s name as well as providing you with the highest quality of reusable bottles.

Although we don’t know much of the long-term impacts of single-use plastic and the chemicals that make it up, we have yet to find a health benefit. Disposable bottled water is generally contained in PET plastic, which has been found to contain polymers that can disrupt the endocrine system. This affects the liver, kidneys, and hormones, and are known to leach into drinking water when exposed to heat or if the bottle is reused and suffers general deterioration.

Purchasing wholesale reusable bottles featuring your company logo for your clients or employees is a great way to avoid using single-use water bottles in the workplace and has numerous other benefits, from cost to sustainability to brand awareness. Firstly, personalised water bottles will be practical for anyone who receives one, so there is no need to worry if you have to buy a Christmas gift for your employees and don’t know what to choose. 

Reusable branded water bottles can help you cut costs too, as long as you know which brand to go for! S’wheat’s individual bottles sell for the price of £25, but with our co-branding, we can offer heavily discounted prices from as low as £10 when you choose wholesale water bottles from us. This can also help you save money on waste disposal and purchasing single-use items such as coffee cups and water bottles in bulk. 

Minimise your company’s environmental impact by not only reducing plastic waste and carbon footprint, but by helping us plant a minimum of 50 trackable native trees in your company’s name. When you co-brand with us, we will help to fund environmental projects with Ecologi as well as planting trees that you’ll be able to monitor the growth of. S’wheat is carbon negative, meaning we offset more carbon emissions than we produce; this allows us to help other brands reach their ESG goals and do the same.

Your eco achievements with us will be funding crucial ecological restoration projects as well as supporting a small, female-led, purpose driven social enterprise – but that’s not all. Your company’s new positive environmental impact will demonstrate to clients, consumers, and other companies that you are taking responsibility for your own impact and working hard to implement the most sustainable practices wherever possible.

These positive changes to your working environment can really boost morale around the workplace and encourage others to take some initiative within their own personal attitudes and behaviours. When gifting to employees, personalised water bottles are the perfect way to motivate a bit of sustainability as well as reinforcing your company branding and bringing the group together to acknowledge your collective eco efforts.

So, how does the S’wheat bottle really compare to other mainstream reusable water bottles



Practical and easy to clean



Energy efficient


Cost effective




Bamboo & wheat 

The Plant-Based S’wheat Reusable Bottle


Glass smashes, metal dents, and plastic just doesn’t meet the mark. Our unique plant-based bottle, however, is exceptionally strong, with a three times higher tensile strength than your average metal water bottle.


Despite its durability, the S’wheat bottle weighs in at just 250 grams yet holds 550 ml, so it’s convenient for travelling, commuting, exercising – it will never weigh you down! Metal reusable bottles such as stainless steel weigh nearly twice as much at around 420 grams.


This versatile reusable bottle isn’t exclusively designed for water as it features an eco thermal wall which retains the heat or chill of your chosen beverage, so it doubles as a hot drinks thermos too! It’s also naturally antibacterial and anti odour, preventing your drinking water from tasting like your morning coffee.


We know the current mainstream reusable bottles are narrow and tricky to clean properly, which is why the S’wheat bottle is designed in a sleek cylindrical shape with a twist off lid, as well as a sliding mouthpiece for easy use and a sturdy clip to attach to your bag or clothes.


Our biodegradable material of wheat straw and bamboo is sourced from farmers who often burn it, creating extra emissions. By paying them for these discarded by-products we are providing them with additional income whilst also reducing their carbon impact. Due to the resilient nature of these plants, we have an infinite natural resource to avoid producing artificial materials that will end up in landfill.


S’wheat’s environmental impact is at the core of our mission, which is why with each bottle sold we plant a trackable native tree and help to fund eco restoration projects. We’re a proudly carbon negative brand, meaning we offset more carbon emissions than we make, giving back to the earth one bottle at a time.

It would be impossible not to agree that S’wheat really ticks all the boxes, which is why our co-branding is the ultimate eco option for anyone who wants personalised merchandise, corporate gifts, wholesale water bottles or insulated drinks thermoses that are branded with your company logo. 

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