How to Choose the Best Corporate Onboarding Gift to Welcome Your New Employees

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Pictured above: Natwest X S’wheat colour printed bottle in ‘Oat’


Why buy onboarding gifts?

Onboarding gifts are a gesture that can really make new employees feel welcomed into the workplace. It’s also a chance for you to let your employees know how you like your company to be reflected and what branding and values you stand for.

It may not only be your employees who will be seeing these welcome packs though, as these are frequently posted on social media such as Instagram or LinkedIn to announce a new role in a new company, and more importantly show off what kind of brand it is. This can give you an opportunity to show that you’re from a kind and considerate company who take care of their employees.

This can also be beneficial for HR and recruitment as this paints your company in a positive light and shows how staff are treated and what kind of atmosphere the workplace holds. Staff who feel they are looked after and welcomed at their job are far more likely to work hard and be productive, as well as instilling a sense of comfort and loyalty, and encouraging already trained employees to remain motivated and enjoy their work. 

What to look for.

Practicality | A good employee onboarding gift will be something that is actually of use to them, as opposed to plastic rubbish that winds up in the bin. Products that would prove helpful both around the office and outside of it as well as appealing to the masses can be hard to find… take a look at our blog on how to choose the best co-branding partnership for more.

Strategic branding | Your corporate welcome pack accurately reflecting the branding of your company can show both your new employees and any social media onlookers exactly how you’d like your company to come across and what your most important attributes are.

Sustainability | It’s never a bad idea to review and evaluate your CSR goals, particularly when it comes to employee onboarding gifts. As one of the first impressions your staff will make of the company, it’s important to ensure that you are keeping the environment in mind, particularly if pictures might be taken and posted on social media.

Why choose S’wheat?

S’wheat has made it easier than ever to pick the perfect employee welcome pack. The brands we work with are always pleased with the outcome of our branded promotional reusable bottles, but we wanted to go a step further and put together our own little onboarding gift. You can now buy our classic plant-based bottles alongside our new plant-based lunch box and cutlery set to match!

It is the ultimate employee welcome gift, giving back to the environment whilst demonstrating your commitment to keeping your brand as sustainable as possible.

Reduce single-use plastics in the workplace.

Offset carbon emissions.

Plant trackable native trees in your company’s name.

Remove plastic waste from the ocean.

Help to fund non-profit environmental initiatives.

Receive an informative statistics report demonstrating your impact as a company.

Encourage staff to re-think their environmental impact.

Create awareness of your commitment to sustainability.

High quality products, high quality service, low environmental impact.

Renewable | Considering all of these factors can make searching for the perfect employee onboarding gift a lengthy process, which is why S’wheat has the perfect solution. The unique S’wheat material is made from discarded bamboo and wheat straw, which provides additional income to farmers for a waste by-product that is infinitely renewable and will biodegrade without a trace. 

Carbon negative | Many brands may struggle to reach a goal of carbon neutrality, which is why S’wheat offers organisations the opportunity to work towards this goal by co-branding with us. S’wheat is a proudly carbon negative social enterprise, working with larger brands to disrupt the plastic industry and help them develop newer, more environmentally friendly practices. 

Natural | Would you believe our plant-based material is naturally antibacterial and toxin free? Wheat straw and bamboo possess a natural antimicrobial quality which makes them highly resistant to infection and therefore don’t require harmful pesticides and fertilisers to keep them strong. 

Durable | The innovative S’wheat material has a three times higher tensile strength than even steel, so it won’t become scratched or dented no matter what. On top of this, manufacturing one S’wheat reusable bottle uses just one sixteenth of the energy it takes to produce a steel bottle! Due to the fact we never put harsh chemicals like BPA and melamine in our products, they are heat safe and will withstand dishwashers, microwaves, and any hot food or drink. 

Insulated | We needn’t use energy intensive or non-recyclable materials to make our products effectively insulated; our material features a natural eco thermal wall that can keep your water cold, your coffee hot, your food fresh - whatever you like, wherever you go.

Value for money | The classic S’wheat reusable bottle retails individually for £25, but when you choose co-branding with us, the prices get lower and lower. We even offer high-quality laser engraving to brand your promotional bottles with your logo or company name exactly how you like. You can customise the colour to match your branding too, simply choose a Pantone colour and we can match it exactly.


morgan sindall co-branding branded reusable bottles sustainable promotional gifts

Morgan Sindall X S’wheat colour printed bottle in ‘Black’

Our co-branding process:

  • Choose your bottle from one of our four distinct colours (oat, black, blue, or green) or alternatively, choose a Pantone colour so we can match to your branding.
  • Send us your logo and we will create a mock up image for you.
  • We engrave your bottle with high-quality laser engraving or we can offer a colour printed logo.
  • We will plant a minimum of 50 trees in your company’s name and remove plastics from the ocean.


nexus co-branding branded reusable bottles sustainable promotional gifts

Nexus X S’wheat laser-engraved bottle in ‘Green’

Interested in working with us? Enquire about our co-branding here, or email us at

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