World Refill Day 2021 Is Coming!

When is world refill day?

World refill day is on June 16th.

What is world refill day and how can I get involved?

World refill day is a campaign that’s aimed at reducing single-use plastic pollution by choosing to use reusable products such as water bottles rather than single-use alternatives. The campaign focuses on opting for reusable products over single-use alternatives. It is estimated that by switching to a reusable water bottle you could save as many as 156 single-use plastic bottles a year from entering landfill.

Getting involved with world refill day couldn’t be easier. The easiest swap you could make is switching to a reusable water bottle. However, its important to choose the correct bottle, one that will last you many years to come, so make sure the bottle you choose is easy to clean with a wide opening! There are many options available on the market so be careful choosing the right bottle for you. The last thing you want is your bottle becoming smelly or unusable inevitably ending up in landfill.

Another great way to reduce your plastic intake is by taking your reusable coffee cup or container to your local café and asking for a refill. Simple and easy. What’s even better is if your reusable bottle takes both hot & cold drinks, two birds with one stone! If you’re looking for an easy way to join in and take part in world refill day check out the S’wheat bottle. It’s the worlds first plant-based reusable water bottle, It’s also suitable for both hot & cold drinks! Stylish and great for the planet!

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