Reusable Bottles For Outdoors Adventures

Best reusable bottles for outdoors 2021 sustainable

Our reusable water bottles are eco-friendly, lightweight, durable and long-lasting, making them ideal for a variety of outdoor activities such as fitness, hiking, cycling, and more.

S'wheat is a leading developer of environmentally friendly and sustainable bottles. These stylish bottles are made from plant-based materials such as bamboo and wheat straw and are designed to keep you hydrated. These bottles help save the environment by being used for exercise, hiking, cycling and even while at the office! We reclaim single-use plastics that would otherwise end up in the ocean and plant a trackable native tree for every bottle sold!


Inspired by nature, designed for the outdoors.

Our new reusable water bottle comes equipped with our natural ‘eco-insulated’ thermal wall technology allowing the bottle to take both hot & cold liquids, and comes supplied with a reinforced clip carry handle which makes carrying and clipping onto backpacks a dream.


A bottle cycling enthusiasts will love.

The S’wheat bottle fits in most bike bottle holders, at a diameter of 7.5cm, making it ideal for riders on the go. Our bottles are long-lasting, dent-proof, and scratch-proof unlike steel reusable bottles which are prone to denting.


Crafted to be your companion, no matter the terrain.

Why not try one of our unique, patented plant-based bottle? Perfect for commuting to work, strolling around the park, or simply relaxing on the sofa at home. These reusable bottles will keep a hot beverage hot for hours or a cold beverage freezing cold for hours and it's super easy to add ice with the wide opening design. The S’wheat bottle is available in four colours Pink, Blue, Green & Oat. You'll never want to leave home without S’wheat once you get your hands on one.


The perfect sports bottle.

We know you live a busy lifestyle and need a reliable water bottle that will last you a lifetime worth of adventures and memories, that’s why we designed the S’wheat bottle to be durable, versatile, BPA-free, easy to carry and easy to clean.

Designed in Scotland inspired by the diverse Scottish mountain ranges, mist-filled lochs and ancient forests. It’s just the world’s most eco-friendly water bottle. No nonsense, just natural, practical and great for the planet. It’s that simple.


Shop the S'wheat bottle here. Use code PLANET for 20% off at checkout.


Best reusable water bottle 2021 plant based bottles

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