Revolutionary Sustainable Water Bottles - Pure, Practical & Made From Plants

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Practical and Functional.

S'wheat's clever new water bottle is setting the standard for reusable bottles. Natural plant-based materials make up the unique design. Every activity is covered by the reusable bottle, which will last you years of adventures.

  • Naturally Anti-Bacterial
  • Easy To Clean Design: providing you fresh tasting water wherever you are.
  • Easy Open & Lock Mouthpiece: Using your bottle at the gym or in the car? Staying hydrated has never been easier, simply slide the button across and drink! (Without getting soaked!)
  • Made from Plant-Based Materials: Using waste bamboo and wheat straw to create the most sustainable water bottle in the world.
  • Suitable for Both Hot & Cold Drinks: Love fresh water in the morning, but a warm calming cup of tea in the afternoon? They have you covered!
  • Durable Carry Clip: Take your bottle everywhere you go, hands free! Simply clip onto your belt, bag or strap. 
  • 550ml Capacity
  • Lightweight and Durable: The S’wheat bottle weighs over 50% less than a typical steel reusable bottle, with 3x stronger tensile strength!

Truly Sustainable:

S’wheat are industry leaders in the reusable bottle market. As a certified social enterprise, with every sale they plant a trackable, native tree in your name! They remove 360 single use plastic bottles from the ocean and also donate profits to protecting sea life. 

All bottles are packaged completely plastic free, in recycled materials and are delivered with a carbon neutral service!

There are 4 unique colours to choose from, shop them here. Which colour will you choose?

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