Promotional Merchandise For Summer 2022

Promotional Merchandise For Summer 2022 promotional merchandise corporate branding co branding personalised merchandise logo water bottles brand promotion

Summertime is always a highlight of the year, summer is popular for not only individuals and kids that are finally getting to snooze their school alarms and say goodbye to teachers and homework for the summer, but it is also an important time for businesses, brands, and companies.

Summertime always brings fond memories, hot weather, blue skies, beach days, vacations, travelling with friends and family, road trips, relaxation, and fun. This means it also creates the perfect time for seasonal marketing and themed merchandised products. This is the time to connect your company to those fond memories by giving a practical gift that can be used throughout all of your clients and employees summer activities, helping create not positive lifelong memories, but also a positive impact on the environment.

Creating and gifting a promotional product that ties into the time of year is a fantastic way to spread your brand and promote your company through a corporate product that will be used all summer long. Having merchandise that is personalised to your company will create more brand visibility especially if your product is something practical and used on an everyday basis. A great example of such a product is the S’wheat eco-friendly reusable water bottle.

If your clients or staff are anything like us, they will try to spend as much time as they can outdoors during the summer, whether that may be on lazing on the beach, hiking through the hills or cycling through the countryside. But our summertime fun may not feel quite so whimsical if our beaches, hills, and countryside’s are littered with plastic waste, nobody wants to stop for a family picnic and find their perfect spot has been ruined by plastic bottles, wrappers and cutlery left behind by the previous passers-by. The S’wheat water bottle not only offers an easy, lightweight, and durable alternative to plastic and steel bottles, but it also helps remove those nasty plastics that end up in our oceans and washed up on our beaches. 

Not only do S’wheat remove 20lbs of ocean plastic per bottle sold, but they also plant a trackable tree to help reduce carbon emissions and de-forestation. This means that when your staff, clients or corporate event attendees head off on their family trips, fun days out or for some relaxation time, they can sip from their new corporate branded water bottle knowing they are not adding to an existing problem and going one step further to help tackle it. 

Logo water bottles are a great way to spread awareness for your company, whether it is one logo, multiple, a special message or a limited-edition item S’wheat offers it all. The S’wheat bottle comes in a range of fantastic summer colours in pastel Blue, Green, or their signature Oat. Or if you’re looking for something slicker for your business that will match your professional parties, S’wheat also have a pure Black bottle that will pop with your promotional logo engraved on. Gifting co-branded merchandise in time for summer means that your business has the opportunity to be promoted globally as your gift recipients spend time travelling around the world. The S’wheat bottle is a fantastic travel item as its handy carry clip means it can be secured to your bag or belt without taking up any precious packing space!

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Season-themed promotional merchandise also shows that as a company you care about your employees and want to ensure they have a great gift that can help make their treasured holidays that much easier. As we move further into the height of summer it is a great time to take advantage of the hype that is created during the seasonal transition, promoting a healthy and happy work relationship with your clients and staff. The gifts you give as a corporation are a reflection of your company and its ethics, so why not promote your company and show your appreciation by gifting an eco-friendly, high-quality water bottle that can be used on the daily?

The S’wheat water bottle can also be customised to further fit your company’s promotional product needs. S’wheat also offer to customise their bottles to your own company colours, and you can mix and match your bottle colour with your carry clip colour for an extra eye-catching product! S’wheat also allow for multiple logos or messages to be engraved onto your bottles, so there is no need to worry about only picking one message, you can promote your business not only by name, but also celebrate any events or anniversary’s you may have! Or simply just an extra message to say thanks, S’wheat is flexible to your company needs. 

The S’wheat creators have put in years of research to ensure that their water bottle is safe and does not leave a negative footprint on the planet. The water bottle is made of wheat straw and bamboo fibres which are sourced from leftover by-product that would otherwise be left to rot. There is no use of nasty chemicals, so your water stays pure (plus you’re not left with a metallic taste in your mouth!) S’wheat always has circular economy at the forefront of their work, ensuring that they do not create waste.

The S’wheat brand has also made the fantastic achievement of becoming a carbon negative company, officially offsetting more carbon than they produce, partly due to the fact that the S’wheat bottle only takes 1/16th of the energy that a steel bottle takes to produce. Plus, your company will have a tree planted in its name for every bottle purchased meaning your company will remove CO2 from the atmosphere, all from choosing to use a S’wheat bottle! This means that not only is your company promoted though branded merchandise, but your company will also be seen as the business to plant trees and help towards beach clean up’s, actively helping to save the planet and protect your client and employees’ future summers! 

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As branded merchandise suppliers go, we find it hard to think of another company that offers high-quality, customisable options that have a positive mission, reduce carbon, remove ocean-bound plastics and plant trees all in one!

Corporate branding is a great option to promote your businesses as a whole, but also to promote your businesses culture and give the public an idea of who your business is and what you believe is important as a corporation. Picking the right supplier to brand all of this is an important decision, and ensuring that your supplier is reliable and has the ability to showcase your brands ethics and message is necessary for your promotional product to do well. S’wheat will create a mock-up to show you exactly what you are getting before you buy, they are also a certified social enterprise and winners of the Global Green Award and have been mentioned within world renowned magazines such as Vogue and Cosmopolitan. 

So, when in doubt, go green, go branded and follow the timeless suggestions of Vogue and Cosmopolitan. Corporate co-branding has never looked so chic, been so simple, or had such a positive impact. When you look after your clients and employees, S’wheat ensures that the planet is looked after for you. For more information about the S’wheat mission, and for your co-branding inquiries follow the link here.


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