Corporate Branded Water Bottles - Reusable Bottles Made From Plants

corporate branded bottles - reusable bottles made from plants corporate merchandise

S’wheat believes in a circular economy, which involves reusing finite resources through practices such as repairing, recycling and refurbishing for as long as possible to avoid generating more waste than is absolutely necessary.


To give back to the environment and show full support of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, S’wheat plants a tree with each bottle sold that is planted in your name and can be tracked, but if you choose to corporate brand with us, we will plant a minimum of 100 trees for you and your company, alongside removing ocean-bound plastics and contributing a portion of our profits towards protecting our seas and sea life. By choosing S’wheat, we can work together to not only help you go green, you will also receive a report of your impact on the environment to display, including the minimum of 2 tonnes of carbon emissions offset through your purchase.

Despite the more recent influx of environmental concern, an estimated 13 billion single-use plastic water bottles are used annually, using 17 million barrels of oil in the production process. The entire process takes extracting, transporting and manufacturing which all in all emits a huge amount of greenhouse gases, only to then end up polluting our oceans. Although many continue to put our unavoidable plastics in the recycling, less than 9 percent of plastic ends up being recycled and these can take up to 400 years just to decompose. Encouraging employees and colleagues to use a corporate branded water bottle can create a sense of unity in your workplace, and motivate each person to do their bit to save the planet. Using a refillable water bottle instead is also far more convenient and makes more financial sense than buying a new bottle or chucking out disposable cups every time you finish your drink.

The plant-based S’wheat bottle is made from a unique blend of natural, ethically sourced materials that would have simply gone to waste if not put to use by us. Bamboo and wheat straw grow at a rapid pace and practically anywhere, so it was chosen for the bottle to ensure the material won’t deplete and can always be used. Bamboo fibre and wheat straw are known for their useful qualities: they’re extremely durable, making our bottle stronger than compared steel, glass and plastic options, yet weighing nearly half as much and using just 5 percent of the energy they take to produce.

Choosing the right form of corporate branding is important to the reputation of your company as wasteful, poor-quality items personalised as a part of your brand gives a bad impression to those who may be interested in collaborating with you or using your services. Cheap, plastic pens with an ambiguous printed logo representing your brand reflects poorly on the company and can give the impression of half-heartedness and lack of inspiration - instead, why not decide to choose a practical, purposeful gift you can be proud to show your logo or name on? S’wheat uses laser engraving for our corporate branding to prevent the design from being damaged or looking low in quality to guarantee a professional, polished result.

Opting for the bottle with sustainability in mind for your corporate branded products will show your clients, customers, colleagues and collaborators that you make it your mission to run your business as effectively as possible by using truly sustainable bottles that can drastically reduce your water and plastic consumption, as well as managing to avoid the excess emissions produced by other manufacturers. The S’wheat reusable bottle makes a great promotional product to hand out to potential customers at charity and community events with your logo on it to gain some good publicity whilst also demonstrating the accomplishment of actively working to keep your carbon footprint at a minimum.

Corporate branded S’wheat bottles are a versatile company gift because they will benefit whoever receives it, encouraging health, hydration and mindfulness towards the environment. This innovative reusable bottle works great for the fitness fanatic, as the slide-to-lock mouthpiece is completely leak-proof and provides a steady flow of water, as well as a screw top that makes the bottle into an insulated cup in an instant. The sleek design of the bottle and lid means there won’t be any hassle cleaning it out, and the natural antibacterial qualities of the material leaves your bottle tasting and smelling fresh. Some similar bioplastic products will contain BPA, melamine, and other artificial chemicals, but ours is entirely free from anything like that, so your S’wheat bottle can be filled with whatever drink you fancy and be used safely in the microwave and dishwasher since there is no risk of toxins contaminating your drink.

Our Eco-Friendly Co-branding Process:

Choose Your Bottle: Choose from our four distinct colours: Pink, Blue, Green and Oat to create your own custom branded reusable bottle.

Send Us Your Logo: Email us your logo file and we will create a mock up image for you.

Engraving: We are proud to partner with a UK based company leading the way in high quality laser engraving and together we brand your bottles.

Impact: With every S'wheat bottle corporate branded order we plant trackable native trees in your company's name, remove plastic from the oceans, donate profits to protect sea-life and provide a report to showcase all of this. We are a carbon neutral company and are a certified social enterprise.

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