5 Ways To Travel Sustainably

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Long distance travel, overpriced plastic water bottles, that bottle of shampoo just that bit too big to go through airport security: these are all relatively small annoyances we put up with for the sake of a summer holiday, but have you considered how this affects our earth? We have, which is why S’wheat has teamed up with Kind2 to bring you some eco conscious pointers on having a great holiday yet causing minimal damage to the environment. 

Conserve water and energy

It can be easy to forget about conserving water and energy when you’re on holiday and you’re not the one paying the bills, but this is where the planet can really suffer. Take shorter showers, turn off the taps, and be sure not to leave on any heating or air conditioning when you’re out or it’s not entirely needed. If you’re staying in a hotel while you’re away, make sure to state that you do not want sheets changed or towels washed if it isn’t necessary. Usually, there will be a Do Not Disturb sign on the door that will prevent the staff from coming in and switching towels and bedding. If possible, do not use the provided shower products at all, as if you have opened it or used any at all, they will be replaced, which is an incredible waste. 

Bringing along your own plastic-free alternatives, such as the Kind2 hair care bars means saving plastic bottles and hygiene products from going to waste without skimping on the best product. Kind2 eco-friendly shampoo and conditioner bars are super small, so they’re perfect for travelling light, even if you just have a carry-on or a small bag, plus, no need to worry about travelling with liquid gels, so it will make going through airport security a dream. One small bar is equivalent to two bottles of product, so they’ll last you the whole holiday - it’s the most sustainable and convenient way to keep your hair feeling fresh and healthy in the summer sun.

Bring your own refillable containers

It is imperative that you avoid single-use items at the best of times, but it’s particularly important to watch your plastic consumption whilst travelling, especially if you are somewhere it is difficult to find recycling or any kind of disposal. Bringing refillable containers of your favourite skincare products can save you room in your bag without the need to buy additional mini travel versions, or even use old empty plastic containers instead of throwing them away, and eco-friendly food wraps can help transport a travel snack without the need for bulky plastic tupperwares in your luggage.

One of the biggest ways to cut down on disposable plastics is by bringing a reusable bottle. Staying hydrated is key to a successful travel experience and it’s not only wasteful but expensive to continuously repurchase bottles of water. The plant-based S’wheat bottle is perfect for your travels as it’s lightweight, durable, insulated, and features a carabiner to clip onto your bag or belt in outdoor adventures. This eco-friendly bottle can be used for any drinks along your journey, can be easily cleaned out, and what’s more is with each bottle we sell, we plant a trackable tree and remove ocean-bound plastic!

Avoid taking a cruise 

Cruise ships cause a massive amount of pollution to the oceans, damaging all ecosystems in its wake. They use around 150 tonnes of heavy fuel oil each day, alongside chemical pollution from anything that is leaked into the sea, from industrial chemicals to just personal hygiene products down the drain. Even noise pollution is an issue with cruises - marine life can damage their hearing from the immense noise caused by the ship, as well as physically damaging their habitats and causing loss of ecosystem. Unlike some other aspects of typical tourism, cruise ships do not benefit local communities in any way, making them one of the worst holiday destinations for the planet.

Be mindful of transport

Okay, so a cruise is off the cards, so how are you going to get around? Car rental is a popular way to travel around your holiday destination, and it’s certainly convenient - think about when you leave the airport and all these rental companies are lined up waiting for you. This, however, can be a huge waste of energy. Consider using public transport to get to your destination or around town once you’re there if you can (that doesn’t mean a taxi!) or even rent bikes if you are able to cycle from place to place. This is a fantastic way to really absorb the views and culture of your destination, as well as a good way to keep you moving and is far more sustainable than driving. 

Don’t participate in exploitative animal experiences

This one sounds obvious, but many popular tourist attractions surrounding wildlife are terribly cruel. It is fairly clear that the animals involved in experiences such as circuses and bull fights are mistreated and abused, but even the seemingly harmless activities such as elephant and donkey rides, performing dolphins, monkey and snake handlers, and even horse drawn carriage rides involve a huge amount of neglect, injuries due to overworking, isolation, cramped environments, and more. 

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