Case Study: Deloitte Co-Branded S'wheat Bottles

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Deloitte has set a commitment to support a circular economy and achieve net zero status, so they are consistently working to reduce their carbon footprint and operate more sustainably. Since 2020, 100% of Deloitte’s electricity has been from renewable power sources and to further incentivise responsible practices, they are continuously monitoring any ESG risks throughout the supply chain and prioritising eco-friendly initiatives such as switching transport from fuelled to electric and reducing plastic waste and other virgin materials.

The Challenge

Deloitte wanted to run a competition so that contestants could help design a logo with the winning entry being printed onto reusable water bottles. This, however, could have hindered their sustainability goals as even reusable bottles are generally highly energy intensive to produce, so they needed to find a way to do so whilst still supporting a circular economy.


S’wheat’s plant-based reusable bottles are perfect for boosting your company’s sustainability whether you’re gifting to employees, organising an event or competition, or impressing clients and future potential customers. Here at S’wheat, we want to help others work towards their ESG goals, which is why when you co-brand with us, we promise to plant a minimum of 50 trackable native trees.

You can choose from our four distinct colours (black, blue, green, or oat) or we can match to any Pantone colour to fit your branding. Our high-quality laser engraving or colour printing gives you the freedom to customise your bottles to exactly the style you want.

Insulated: suitable for hot & cold drinks.

Plant-Based: made from sustainably sourced bamboo and wheat materials.

Lightweight: 250 grams - nearly half a reusable steel bottle.

Durable: 3x stronger than a reusable steel bottle.

Gives Back: plants trackable trees with every sale!


The solution

Deloitte purchased 500 co-branded S’wheat reusable bottles to use for their logo design competition, which gave them a detailed environmental impact report featuring a custom QR code to scan where they can monitor the native trees we have planted. Not only have they received 500 sustainably sourced plant-based bottles, they now have trackable native trees planted in their name, alongside interesting facts on the species and growth and details of their ecological impact.

The results

From the 500 S’wheat bottles purchased, we were able to plant 500 trackable native trees in their name and offset 6.5 tonnes of carbon - that’s equivalent to saving 18 square metres of ice caps! 

In addition to this, their purchase has supported a certified social enterprise and women-led microbusiness. By choosing to co-brand with S’wheat, they have further boosted their ESG goals in addition to their long term objective of achieving net zero status and minimising the use of virgin materials, such as single-use plastic, within their supply chain.

Do you have a sustainability challenge in your organisation that you would like to work with us on? Read more about our co-branding here, or fill out our enquiry form here and a member of the team will get back to you.

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