Eco-Friendly Promotional Merchandise You Need For Your Next Event

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Co-branding with S’wheat is a truly eco-conscious route when it comes to promotional merchandise. More often than not, promotional products are poorly made plastic items that most likely won’t be seen very often, rendering the merchandise fairly useless. When considering how you want to promote your brand, it’s important to consider…

  • Will this be of use to the recipient?

  • Will this be seen often?

  • Is this a trustworthy brand?

  • Is this what I want to represent my company?

Branded water bottles are a great choice for promotional products or event gifts as this is something that the recipient will use often, see frequently, and bring out and about with them, essentially advertising your brand for you! However, it can be tricky finding wholesale water bottles that are affordable, high quality, and eco-friendly. Most wholesale reusable bottles are plastic or metal, which are both difficult to recycle and have a high energy intensive manufacturing process. 

Plastic water bottles are inconvenient as they can develop an unpleasant smell and are not insulated, whereas metal water bottles are, but unfortunately are quite heavy and difficult to clean. They also tend to get a metallic taste after not too long, so they’re not going to hold up as a daily reusable bottle. The environmental impact on top of the poor quality and design means this isn’t as effective in practice as it sounds, but S’wheat has found the solution: plant-based reusable water bottles.

S’wheat source discarded wheat stalks and bamboo from farmers to create their unique S’wheat bottles. These plants are incredibly resilient and able to withstand harsh weather conditions, and don’t even require chemical fertilisers or pesticides. The natural materials mean that these reusable bottles can remain free from toxins – truly promotional merchandise that everyone can enjoy.


Eco-friendly event gifts

Co-branding with S’wheat is the perfect way to demonstrate your sustainability commitments to potential customers and clients at events. The co-branded S’wheat bottle branded with your company logo can be handed out to spread awareness of your brand and impress your potential clientele with high quality products that have a positive environmental impact.

Each and every S’wheat bottle funds the planting of a trackable native tree which can be viewed by the recipient through their unique QR code. This will allow them to see where in the world their tree has been planted and monitor its growth. S’wheat is a carbon negative company dedicated to restoring the natural environment, meaning S’wheat removes more carbon than they create. S’wheat’s branded reusable water bottles are the world’s first reusable bottles made from plants.

The S’wheat material TM of bamboo and wheat straw is sturdy, durable, lightweight, and most importantly eco-friendly, so it is definitely the ideal promotional product for your next  event. Promotional merchandise for events are generally the same basic items: pens, mouse pads, keyrings, and other fairly useless items. This, of course, isn’t ideal for a business attempting to leave a lasting impression on potential clients, which is why the S’wheat reusable bottle is essential for any events you might be attending or organising. Their branded S’wheat bottle will last for years, yet can still biodegrade in composting sites due to their natural plant-based materials. 

On the other hand, plastic and steel water bottles are tricky to dispose of, and will likely end up littered, in landfill, or in the ocean. Steel reusable bottles are frequently marketed as super sustainable, but they are actually highly energy intensive to manufacture, using sixteen times as much energy as is used for the S’wheat bottle! 

Branded reusable water bottle 

Our reusable bottles are as versatile as you can get, with a naturally insulated, antimicrobial, and anti-odour material. No matter what the recipient’s interests are, the S’wheat bottle is bound to be a hit. It features a strong multipurpose carry handle to clip onto your bag or clothes, is lightweight and durable, suitable for hot and cold drinks, and features dual opening to allow for easy cleaning.

The S’wheat reusable water bottle will make a real statement at your next event. The sleek and efficient design alongside the unique plant-based material is the perfect way to represent your company. Your S’wheat promotional merchandise, personalised to your branding, will really stand out as a one-of-a-kind branded bottle that will surely impress and support your brand's positive reputation.

These eco-minded reusable bottles are FDA certified and food contact safe.

Sustainable corporate gifts

The S’wheat bottle works really well as a corporate gift for a number of reasons:

Eco-friendly plant-based materials

Every S’wheat bottle funds the planting of a trackable tree

Trackable native trees will be planted in your companies name

You’ll get a QR code that links to your exact companies trees, so your event attendees will be able to see their own unique tree

Highlight your brands sustainable ethos

Make a long lasting impression with a truly eco-friendly product that keeps giving back to the environment

Choose from a choice of four standard colours or why not make your own bespoke coloured bottle, matched to your brand's exact Pantone colour!

S’wheat wants to help you to reduce your carbon footprint as much as we can, so when you co-brand with them, you will be provided with a detailed impact report showing clearly how you have made a difference. 


s'wheat branded bottles. co-branding example reusable water bottles promotional merchandise

Interested in your own branded S’wheat bottles? Get in touch on our co-brand page to begin your company’s sustainability journey today!

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