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What are you doing to start 2023 off on the right foot? Maybe you’re going vegan, maybe taking up jogging, or maybe you just intend to spend as much time as you can with friends and family. Whichever route you go down, a S’wheat reusable bottle is the perfect companion to accompany you on your journey throughout the year… and the year after that… and so on. 


A common New Year’s resolution is to get in shape, and it’s good to make sure you have invested in the right products and equipment for you to do your best. An absolute necessity for fitness is a good water bottle that will keep your drink cold and isn’t too heavy or inconvenient to carry around, particularly if you’re an outdoor exerciser. Stainless steel bottles are a popular choice but they are often quickly disposed of and replaced due to the difficulty cleaning and getting rid of odours. They’re also pretty heavy, which is certainly not ideal for a runner. 

The S’wheat bottle weighs just 250 grams, which is nearly half the weight of your average steel bottle, and features a handy carabiner clip to attach to your clothes or bag if you’re out and about. Perfect for outdoor adventures! Despite the lightweight material, this reusable bottle is strong and durable, with a three times higher tensile strength than a stainless steel water bottle.
best water bottle for gym reusable fitness sports bottle best insulated bottles
The S’wheat Bottle for sport and fitness
RRP £25, Available in 4 colours


Alongside getting into shape, many of us simply want to improve our health. We all know the importance of hydration for your health, and a unique and stylish S’wheat reusable bottle can motivate you to drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated has so many benefits, from keeping your organs functioning to silky soft hair and skin, so drink up!

Plastic water bottles, particularly when reused, slowly and subtly degrade, allowing chemicals and microplastics to leach into the water. Plastic bottles are full of harmful chemicals like BPA (Bisphenol A) which mimics oestrogen, therefore causing a disruption of the endocrine system and hormones, which can lead to reproductive problems. 

The S’wheat bottle is toxin-free, containing no BPA, melamine, or other harmful chemicals. Bamboo and wheat stalks are some of the hardiest plants about, with excellent resiliency against adverse weather conditions, infections, and pests, meaning we don’t need to use plants laced with toxic pesticides and fertilisers.


If you plan to see more of the world this year, you will need to ensure you’ve got all the travel essentials. Staying hydrated on your travels is key – especially if you’re exploring somewhere hot. The lightweight and durable S’wheat bottle won’t weigh your bag down or become damaged, and can even be clipped onto your bag to save luggage space. What’s more is our unique reusable bottle is naturally insulated with an eco thermal wall which will keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold. 

The S’wheat bottle was designed with easy cleaning in mind, which is why it features dual opening: a leakproof slide-to-lock mouthpiece and a twist-off lid that allows you to give it a proper clean. Due to this and the antibacterial properties of the material, this versatile reusable bottle won’t become tainted by tastes or start to smell bad, so you can use it for coffee, water, juice, whatever your drink of choice is.


The S’wheat reusable water bottle is the most sustainable bottle around, using just 5% of the energy needed to produce your average metal water bottle. Unlike metal, this will biodegrade too. Although this reusable bottle should last you 5-10 years, once it comes to the end of its life it can be put into a composting site to biodegrade.

Our material of wheat straw and bamboo is sustainably sourced from farmers who have no use for it. Often, these byproducts will be either discarded or burned, which creates unnecessary emissions. By sourcing our materials this way, we can prevent extra emissions being released and provide farmers with additional income. On top of this, wheat straw actually absorbs more carbon during photosynthesis than it releases, which helps us even further as a carbon negative brand.

Our core mission is to reinforce a circular economy and restore the natural environment, which is why each and every S’wheat bottle funds the planting of a trackable native tree, allowing the recipient to see where in the world their unique tree is and monitor its growth. So far, we have managed to plant 17,000 trees!


Our water bottle is one of those gifts that could appeal to anyone. Whether they are a hiker, a homebody, a student, or a workaholic, your friends and family will love to receive their very own S’wheat reusable bottle. If you’re bulk buying, why not get your bottles discounted with one of our friends and family bundle deals

For larger orders, we offer bespoke co-branding so that you can get your company logo engraved onto your bottles and even choose your own custom Pantone colour to effectively represent your brand. You may be looking for a warm welcome to new employees or clients, or need some branded merchandise to hand out at an event. Co-branded S’wheat water bottles is the best way to build a reputation as a brand who cares, as well as implementing more sustainable practices into the company, motivating staff and clientele to reduce their environmental impact, and achieve a wider potential client/customer outreach.


best reusable water bottles co-branded personalised merchandise insulated bottle
Example of bespoke co-branded S’wheat bottles


S’wheat uses high-quality laser engraving to customise our co-branded bottles, or we can offer colour printed logos (as seen above.) Co-branding with S’wheat is a simple and affordable route to take if you want to improve sustainability within your company. Our material also means we can make the perfect bespoke products just for you.


Low price, high quality sustainable products.

Onboarding gifts to welcome new employees.

Personalised water bottles for employees or customers.

Corporate gift sets with matching reusable bottle and lunchbox.

Sustainable promotional merchandise.

Eco drinks cups for events.

Charity event products.

No matter your desired outcome, S’wheat is here to help. Enquire about our co-branding and custom manufacturing to learn more!

Our co-branding process is simple:

  • Choose from our four distinct colours for your bottles or products: Black, Blue, Green and Oat. Alternatively, choose a Pantone shade to be true to your branding.

  • Send us your logo file and we will create a mock up image for you so we can review your design before moving forward with production.

  • We partner with a UK-based company who help us to use either high quality laser engraving or colour printing to create a unique design specifically for your company’s branded bottles.

  • We will plant a trackable tree for each bottle you order, so each recipient will receive their own QR code to see where their tree is and monitor the growth.

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