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From supply chain materials to promotional branded merchandise, corporate gifts to event products, there are so many ways to incorporate a more eco-conscious spirit into your business. Minimising the amount of plastic consumption as well as offsetting any carbon emissions are two of the best things any company can do as carbon and single-use plastic are some of the largest contributors to environmental damage and climate change. This can be a serious problem when larger companies aren’t acknowledging their role in this and actively working to resolve the issue as these have the ability to do the most damage.

Wholesale branded bottles, particularly steel or aluminium, are a fairly popular option for those who wish to minimise single-use plastic in their workplace or generally encourage sustainability as they are generally cheap to purchase in bulk and are typically marketed as the number one eco-friendly alternative to plastic, but unfortunately it’s a little-known fact that metal reusable water bottles are hugely energy intensive to manufacture, which is why S’wheat got to work and came up with the solution - plant-based reusable bottles, which use just one sixteenth of the energy used to produce a steel reusable bottle. 

So, what makes us so S’wheat?

Custom design of your S’wheat products allows you to colour-match your products to a Pantone shade of your choice so as to accurately fit the style of your branding. Furthermore, co-branding with us means you can choose between our high-quality laser engraving or colour printing for your company name or logo.

Custom manufacturing means that you can work with us to create an all-new product from our completely unique plant-based material of discarded bamboo and wheat straw. Get in touch with us here or send us a message at hello@swheatbottle.com if you have any questions about what we can do for you!

Cost effective, even in bulk. Our wholesale water bottles are an affordable way to buy a large quantity of genuine high quality products. In addition to this, a percentage of profits helps to fund environmental restoration projects and plant our trackable native trees: check out the S’wheat forest with Ecologi, where we have planted over 15 thousand trees so far! 

When you co-brand with us, we will plant a minimum of 50 trees in your company’s name, as well as providing you with a detailed environmental impact report so you can see exactly how much of a difference you have made with your purchase.

Innovative material. Despite bamboo and wheat straw products having been made before, there’s no material quite like S’wheat’s. A toxin free, biodegradable, sustainably sourced, energy efficient, naturally insulated and antibacterial plant-based material that offsets carbon emissions… need we say more? 

Practical and durable, our products will stand the test of time. The S’wheat bottle will remain unscathed, odour-free, and as good as new for years of use. The lid twists off for easy cleaning and features a secure lock mouthpiece which can be opened and shut with one hand. Our plant-based material is also super lightweight (weighing in at just 250 grams, nearly half the weight of your average steel bottle) and features a handy carabiner clip to easily attach to your bag or belt, making it the perfect travel companion wherever you may venture. 

It’s also incredibly versatile, as this bottle is suitable for any liquid, hot or cold, as it is capable of keeping the temperature contained and contains no toxins such as BPA or melamine which is often what means that these materials won’t biodegrade. Designed with easy cleaning in mind, the lid twists off for a simple scrub, but features a slide-to-lock mouthpiece to create the most practical bottle we could. 

So, how does the S’wheat bottle compare to other mainstream reusable water bottles


Practical and easy to clean



Energy efficient


Cost effective




Bamboo & wheat 



green reusable water bottle branded wholesale personalised bottles co-brand

RRP £25. Available in 4 shades


If you’re still frantically searching for plastic-free gifts for your colleagues or employees, clients or customers, you’ve come to the right place. Encourage anyone associated with your brand to cut down on their plastic consumption by gifting one of our versatile wheat and bamboo water bottles, made from discarded plant by-products, to ensure that your brand is truly making a difference.

Brand awareness

Company branded bottles make for fantastic gifts and merchandise as this is a practical product the recipient will want to take with them anywhere, displaying your logo wherever they go. This can really help to get the name out into the public eye while also working to implement eco initiatives into your business. 

Working together with a dedicated social enterprise on a mission to restore our natural environment and put an end to wasting earth’s resources means associating yourself with a company truly making a difference which not only helps you to improve your brand sustainability, it lets your customers and clients know how much you care.


Stuck for branded merchandise ideas that aren’t plastic rubbish? An entirely unique take on a practical product that anyone would love is S’wheat – not just any old branded bottle, but a sleek, minimalistic design that keeps your drinks cool or hot and is made entirely from plants! 

Our wholesale water bottles branded with your chosen design will delight your customers and most importantly, minimise plastic waste and offset carbon emissions within your company.


Whether you’re helping out at a charity gig or hosting a sporting event, our personalised water bottles are sure to draw some attention. Purchasing S’wheat water bottles in bulk for whatever event you may be attending is a quick, simple, and affordable process: enquire about our co-branding here!

Co-branding with S’wheat is a simple process, all you need to do is:

  • Choose your bottle from one of our four distinct colours (oat, black, blue, or green) or alternatively, choose a Pantone colour so we can match to your branding.

  • Send us your logo and we will create a mock up image for you.

  • We engrave your bottle with high-quality laser engraving or we can offer a colour printed logo.


colour range reusable bottles branded wholesale personalised water bottles
S’wheat reusable bottle in all shades

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