What Can I Store In My S’wheat Reusable Water Bottle?

what can i put in my reusable water bottle

We frequently receive emails from customers and our community inquiring about our products and how they work here at S'wheat.

One of the commonly asked questions is what can I put in my reusable water bottle?

Let us provide you with all the answers here!

Can I put fizzy drinks in my S’wheat water bottle?

Filling reusable water bottles with fizzy liquids is not recommended since the push button lid may pop off.

Why not swap to a healthier option such as fruit infused water? Our favourite is raspberry and mint; simply fill up your S’wheat bottle with cold water, add ice cubes and some fresh mint leaves with a few raspberries. Perfect for a summer’s day!

What about alcohol?

Yes! But remember to scrub your S’wheat Bottle thoroughly after storing your beverage of choice in it, especially with hot soapy water. Allow the water bottle to dry completely before turning it upside down to remove any remaining moisture.

I heard I can use my S’wheat bottle as a coffee cup too, is this true?

Yes! After years of careful design and prototyping we have developed a water bottle that also doubles as a coffee cup or flask!
Our Insulated design and patented material keeps your drinks both hotter and colder for longer.

Your S’wheat reusable bottle can be used for storing your morning coffee, tea, hot chocolate, protein shake, breakfast smoothie and of course your nice chilled water throughout the day! No more juggling lots of keep cups around!

Remember to hand wash your water bottle regularly (every 3-4 days) using hot soapy water, in order to keep it fresh and long-lasting.


Do you have any other questions you’d like to ask? Just let us know in the comments!

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