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Reusable Bottles bottles made from plants more than reusable bottle

Saving the planet one S’wheat Bottle at a time! 

S'wheat plant based bottles are more than just reusable, refillable, and sustainable. They are making a significant impact on the battle to protect the environment.

In 2018 founders Jake and Amee embarked on a mission to craft the world's first reusable bottle made from plant-based materials, while on their journey including social projects, economic justice and ecological materials every step of the way. 

During their time studying at university and college they realised that their fellow students were unhappy with their steel, plastic and glass reusable bottles.

When speaking to their classmates they realised that plastic water bottles harbour germs and mould very quickly, causing black spots and strong odours that are impossible to remove. 

They also saw that steel reusable bottles are impractical for on the go use as they are heavy, difficult to carry and become dented and damaged very quickly. They are also notoriously difficult to clean. 

Lastly there was glass, however this is a very impractical material for daily use due to its fragility. A recent study found that steel and plastic refillable water bottles carry an average of 300,000 colony-forming units of bacteria per square centimetre. That’s the equivalent to 6 times the number of bacteria found in your pet’s food bowl.

After 2 years of intense research Jake and Amee managed to create the world’s first reusable bottle made from plant-based materials using naturally grown wheat straw. S’wheat has not only gone over and beyond to develop a reusable bottle that is extremely easy to clean, functional and durable, it's also great for the planet too.

Proud to be working with Ecologi, they plant a trackable native tree with every reusable bottle purchased. As a result, when you purchase from S'wheat Bottle, you can rest assured that you are helping the environment and purchasing a truly sustainable bottle.

All of their products are sent in zero-waste plastic-free packaging that can be reused in a range of ways. We love seeing the innovative ways S’wheat customers reuse their water bottle packaging including as a pencil holder, a storage organiser and even as a plant pot! 

 Every piece of rubbish that is generated is recycled and reused. S’wheat also reuse old cardboard boxes for co-brand and collaboration orders meaning nothing is left to waste.

They are making great strides in their quest to lessen environmental impact including using carbon neutral shipping, carbon offsetting and donating profits to environmental causes. They are constantly evolving and improving where they can.

S’wheat Bottle

S’wheat is the world’s first reusable plant-based water bottle. Made with compostable wheat straw & bamboo bio-plastic that’s grown, made, and manufactured naturally and sustainably using waste products. S’wheat’s proprietary material has no Melamine, Toxic chemicals, or BPA. 

Keep your drinks hot or cold on the go with the easy carry carabiner clip. S’wheat’s Patented material and design means you can easily keep your reusable bottle clean and their naturally antibacterial materials keeps bacterial buildup that makes other bottles stink at bay. No more moldy bottles!

Engaging the Circular Economy from production to distribution S’wheat’s sustainable reusable water bottle maximizes renewable resource and energy usage. The S’wheat Bottle uses 95% less energy than stainless steel reusable bottles.

Designed in Scotland, S’wheat was Inspired by the diverse Scottish mountain ranges, mist-filled lochs, and ancient forests. Whether you're climbing a mountain, or in the office, the S'wheat reusable water bottle has your back.

Is S'wheat safe for Coeliacs and gluten-free? Yes! S'wheat Bottles are safe for Coeliacs. They are also free from gluten. Fun Fact; One of S'wheat’s founders has a gluten intolerance, so this was an important factor for them! 

S'wheat Bottles have a capacity of 550ml / 18.6oz, the perfect size for staying hydrated on the go. Refill your S’wheat reusable bottle 4 times and you have drank the recommended 2 litres of water daily! 

S’wheat also stands out for their lightweight yet durable design. The S’wheat reusable bottle weighs only 250 grams which is almost half the weight of the average steel reusable bottle!

The Future

S'wheat’s mission is to eliminate our dependence on nonrenewable resources. Starting with everyday things that we all require, they’re transforming the consumer economy to a circular, regenerative and plant-powered economy. 

To implement this S’wheat is working with both small and large companies, offering co-branding of their plant based reusable bottles. S’wheat offers a high-quality etching of your organisation’s logo on their reusable plant-based bottles. 

This makes a great gift and is an excellent way to thank your staff for working hard during these times. Whether you want to thank your staff or want to surprise your latest client with a corporate gift, S’wheat offer a really unique and environmentally friendly way to do so. 

S’wheat offer’s businesses a truly exclusive and special way to reduce their carbon intake, with

Every co-brand order they also provide a report detailing: how many plastic bottles your company has saved from entering the oceans, along with how many tree’s you’ve planted, how much carbon and other greenhouse gases you have saved and many more interesting statistics, allowing your company to showcase its environmental achievements.

In their efforts to transform the consumer economy to a circular, regenerative and plant-powered economy, S’wheat also specialize in creating, prototyping and manufacturing sustainable and eco-friendly products made from plants for other businesses. 

They have a wide range of plant-based materials for you to choose. Do you want to develop PLA bottles? Perhaps you want to utilise a more durable material, such as Bamboo? They’ve got your back. The S’wheat design team will help you choose the right material for your project.

If you want to manufacture plant-based products or design your own, this is the place to be. From being the world’s leading plant-based manufacturer S’wheat have won awards from: NatWest, Santander, Princes Trust and many more large sector organisations.

S'wheat plant based bottles are more than just reusable, refillable, and sustainable, they are an industry leader paving the way to a sustainable future.

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