Best Reusable Water Bottle For Travel

Best Reusable Water Bottle For Travel

This festive period, don’t get all wrapped up in thinking about gifts for other people and forget to treat yourself too. Why not get yourself a little pre-Christmas gift? Maybe something practical that you can use in the run up to the end of the year and into the next? Go on… have a look at S’wheat’s reusable water bottles!

S’wheat: the only reusable bottle that plants trackable native trees around the world with each product sold! Our plant-based bottles are made from sustainably sourced materials and restore the natural environment with each and every purchase.

Our sustainable bottles are made to really last. If you’re personally tired of your reusable water bottles becoming impossible to get clean within a few months, weighing you down, or becoming dented or scratched, our wheat straw and bamboo water bottles were made just for people like you. S’wheat’s oh-so eco water bottles are made with practicality in mind, featuring a detachable lid that makes cleaning it a dream, as well as a unique antimicrobial surface that prevents any nasty odours from contaminating your drink.

If you love to travel, or run, walk, go anywhere really, you’re going to want S’wheat by your side. Our sleek and stylish reusable water bottles won’t slow you down as they weigh just 250 grams – that’s nearly half the weight of your average stainless steel bottle, yet hold just as much! This is what really makes it the essential bottle for travel, with a strong carabiner clip to attach anywhere you like and a three times higher tensile strength than your old metal water bottle, you don’t need to worry about the fate of your S’wheat bottle while you’re travelling. 


sustainable bottle for travel reusable water bottle insulated wheat bamboo water bottle

S’wheat bottle in ‘Oat’ on-the-go
RRP £25. Available online

In fact, you never will! Due to the fact that this wheat and bamboo water bottle is all natural, you don’t need to stress over the thought of which ocean or landfill your reusable water bottle will end its lifetime in. These 100% sustainable bottles are biodegradable, yet still durable enough to last years when you take care of it properly.

Can you believe it’s insulated too?! Yes, our sustainable bottles are made with a natural eco thermal wall, meaning it is suitable for hot and cold drinks and will maintain the temperature for hours, making it the perfect bottle for travel. It’s super versatile too – the slide-to-lock mouthpiece can be simply and securely closed and opened with one hand, preventing leaks while allowing you to continue with your usual activity without having to stop and unscrew your bottle.

About our materials

Wheat straw is an infinitely renewable material which is frequently burned or discarded by farmers as it is a by-product that they have no use for. By utilising these unwanted resources, we are providing extra income for these farmers and preventing waste. Plus, wheat straw even absorbs carbon from the atmosphere during photosynthesis, making it one of the best choices for our sustainable bottles.

Bamboo is one of the hardiest plants about, creating the ideal base for our product. Resistant to adverse weather conditions and able to grow pretty much anywhere, it can withstand anything from droughts and floods to bugs and pests, which is why we can completely eradicate any need for toxins, BPA, or melamine in any of our bamboo water bottles, so due to this and the natural antibacterial properties, it’s safe and healthy for food and drink use.

When we are preparing your order, we use exclusively eco-friendly materials. Your reusable water bottle will arrive in recyclable cardboard and biodegradable packing peanuts. Don’t be deterred by this, we promise it’s really biodegradable – just drop one in water if you don’t believe us! 

We know greenwashing is a real issue these days, which is why we plant a trackable native tree with each and every sale, allowing you to view where in the world your tree is. 

S’wheat keeps a circular economy at the forefront of our mission, but our eco water bottles are just as practical as they are sustainable. Here is how it compares to other mainstream reusable bottles…


Practical and easy to clean



Energy efficient


Cost effective




Bamboo & wheat 

As you can see, S’wheat beats them all! Easy to clean, lightweight, durable, and naturally insulated with an eco thermal wall, S’wheat makes the perfect reusable bottle for travel.


reusable water bottles bamboo water bottle for travel sustainable bottles

S’wheat bottle in ‘Oat’, ‘Green’, ‘Black’, and ‘Blue

S’wheat may be a small business, but we sure make a big difference. We want to help other, larger companies to reduce their carbon footprint and minimise plastic waste, which is why we offer affordable yet high quality co-branding

When you reach out to co-brand with us, we will discuss exactly what you’re looking for and create a mock-up image of your bespoke reusable bottles. This includes a choice of one of our four classic colours or if you’d like to match them to your branding, we will simply use a Pantone colour match for your perfect bottle. 

Once you’re 100% satisfied with the design, we will use high quality laser engraving to personalise your bottles with your company name or logo, or if you prefer we can do colour printing to really make your bottles stand out.

With every co-branding order, we pledge to plant a minimum of 50 trackable native trees and provide a detailed impact report explaining exactly how you have helped the earth with your purchase including trees planted, environmental restoration projects funded, and carbon offset. 

Our personalised wheat and bamboo water bottles can be used for events, merchandise, gifts for employees, and more.

Enquire about our co-branding here!

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