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What is the most effective approach to thank customers for their business? What about the loyalty of employees? Of course, a considerate business present!

Whether they are in the office or working from home, a thoughtfully designed basket, a personalised tech item, or a reusable, practical gift always makes people feel appreciated and respected. There is no better time to express your gratitude than now considering corporate gifts are reaching a high point. A successful company must understand what issues are most important to its customers. Making sales and remaining relevant require an understanding of trends and the direction the river is flowing. We've done a lot of research to find the top branded item in order to simplify your life. So, continue reading to learn more and keep your brand contemporary and ahead of the game!

A corporate gift is any gift given by a corporation to its employees, clients, or customers. All corporate gifts share the characteristic of maintaining the standards of professionalism. It should be a considerate gift that acknowledges the special bond between the giver and the recipient while being general enough to avoid offending. And given the last few years we have all gone through, business gifts are a great way to bring people together, whether they are over zoom or across the office. The ideal business gift, whether given internally or outside, should always elicit a positive reaction to help the recipient feel appreciated and valued. It's just a tried-and-true method of developing a close relationship with your internal audience. Keep in mind that physical presents are more memorable than digital gifts! It is extremely important for your gift to stand out. Building brand recognition through lasting impressions paves the road for customer and employee loyalty and goodwill.

When it comes to what to get your employees or clients as a gift, the most on trend and popular way to go is Eco-friendly products! Eco-friendly gifts are beginning to soar in popularity as public awareness of climate change and sustainability rises. We expect that in the coming years, more and more products will begin to focus on their sustainability and carbon footprint. A fantastic way to stay ahead of the competition is to gift a sustainable, eco-friendly corporate gift.  

Gifting your clients or staff a sustainable product starts you on the right path to maintaining some very happy customers and employees, However, there is a couple ways to go one step further; Add some personalisation! A present is always elevated with a handwritten note, or a tag addressed to the recipient by name. No matter your budget, try to include some level of customization, and secondly, do not sacrifice quality! If you are making a significant gesture, follow it up with something deserving of how your business feels. There are too many excellent gift ideas available, and your knowledgeable customers and staff will notice if you cut corners. So, baring all of this in mind, where do you find a corporate gift that is eco-friendly, practical, high-quality, customizable and within budget? 

Well, at S’wheat of course.

S’wheat are a social enterprise based in Scotland that have created a re-useable water bottle made from plant material! This unique, trendy, and slick designed water bottle is the top sustainable corporate gift for 2022! S’wheat use waste wheat stalks and bamboo to create their insulated bottles, keeping circular economy at the forefront as well as keeping your cold drinks cool and hot drinks toasty! For every bottle purchased from S’wheat, they will plant a trackable tree in your company’s name and remove 20lbs of ocean-bound plastics, to give you an image of how much plastic that actually is, imagine 450 plastic bottles being lifted from the ocean for every One S’wheat bottle sold! The S’wheat bottle is lightweight, durable and comes with a carry clip making it super easy to attach to your bag or belt if you’re on the go! This bottle will also last as long as you want, but once it’s time to upgrade to a new S’wheat bottle, your old one will naturally biodegrade in landfill, no need for a guilt conscious here.

But what about the personalisation aspect? S’wheat offer co-branding on their bottles, meaning that your business can put any logo, design or message directly onto the bottle, helping promote your business and keeping that unique personal touch to your gift. S’wheat offer a fantastic range of customisation options; whilst they have their signature colour range of Oat, Blue, Green and Black, they also offer to customise the bottle to any colour you like! So your bottle can not only have your company logo, but it can also match your brand colours. Alongside this, they offer a range of packaging options, all of which are customisable too! So if you don’t fancy their signature bottle packaging, you can pick from neck tags, to bands, to boxes to perfectly wrap your corporate gift! As a sustainable company, S’wheat does not like waste, so when it’s time to include your personal note from giver to recipient, you can choose seed paper, this means that when your recipient removes the packaging from their gift, their note can be planted in the back garden, adding another unique aspect to the S’wheat co-branded gift. All of this is destined to leave your employees and customers over the moon with a great new practical and sustainable gift.

Happy clients and consumers is great, but what can S’wheat do for your company? As I mentioned previously, S’wheat will plant a trackable tree for every bottle sold. These tree’s will be planted in your company’s name, and S’wheat will provide you with a QR code which will take you straight to all the information you could want about your tree! The link provided will tell you what species your tree is, where in the world it was planted and how much it has grown! S’wheat will also remove ocean-bound plastics in addition to this, plus if you’re aiming to meet CSR goals, S’wheat is happy to help by offsetting carbon to help your business reach it’s carbon neutrality goals. Furthermore, for your company’s thoughtful and amazing decision to use S’wheat, they will also provide you with a yearly impact report so you can see all the positive and wonderful impacts your company has made to the environment! This report will give you great insights such as how much carbon emissions your company has prevented or removed, and how much waste has been collected from your purchases. 

Branded gifts have never been so simple, S’wheat offers it all, sustainable, eco-friendly, corporate branded, durable, reusable, practical, and not to mention, pretty. 

To get your businesses very own co-branded corporate gifts, head over to S’wheat!

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