6 Eco-Friendly Corporate Branded Gift Ideas

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S’wheat is the perfect place to go for company branded gifts and merchandise that are inexpensive, versatile, durable, useful, and sustainable. Because we use all-natural, ethically sourced material, this is a gift that has a positive impact on the earth and won’t just go to waste. We offer high quality laser engraving on all of our products which means that your chosen logo won’t fade or diminish in quality, so you can have each employee proudly displaying that they’re a part of your company. 

S’wheat Lunchbox

The S’wheat lunchbox is made from our unique material of bamboo fibre and wheat straw, which we source from farmers who would have simply burnt it. This material is ideal for food storage as it’s naturally antibacterial, easy to clean, and microwave and dishwasher safe since we don’t add any harmful chemicals to it. This lunchbox uses the same classic slide-to-lock design as our reusable bottle, so you can maintain the temperature and freshness of your food while keeping it secure. The lid even features a place to store your eco-friendly cutlery!

S’wheat Cutlery Set

Our plant-based cutlery set comes in a sleek, lightweight carry case to keep it clean while you’re on the move, which, like all of our branded merchandise, comes in blue, pink, oat, green, black or we can customise a colour for you if those aren’t your style. The blend of wheat and bamboo fibre makes for strong and sturdy cutlery that won’t bend and snap like plastic so often can. Using S’wheat products for your company gifting can reinforce your reputation as being a socially responsible brand that commits to sustainability to both employees and clientele. 

S’wheat Food Flask

The new S’wheat reusable food flask as a corporate gift means your employees can bring their own lunch into the office and not have to worry about wasteful plastic packaging or a mediocre, lukewarm meal. Our insulated food flask has a capacity of 550ml and features our signature lock lid to ensure no spillages can occur. As promotional gifting, our food flask can promote conscious living to your employees and encourage them to prepare their own meals and avoid the need to buy food in plastic packaging, saving money and the planet. This is a great way to reiterate your company’s eco-friendly policies to your employees. 

S’wheat Cup

A branded S’wheat reusable cup can be used in many ways, from sipping a coffee at your work desk to picnicking with a pint in the park. Like our classic plant-based bottle, this cup holds a generous 550 ml, and due to our signature blend of wheat straw and bamboo, these are also suitable for both hot and cold drinks and can be used in the dishwasher or microwave if need be. You could even get creative and use it for a range of things as an environmentally conscious replacement for plastic, glass and steel, such as a plant pot, makeup brushes, paint brushes, pencils - the options are endless. 

S’wheat Sunglasses

With summer just around the corner, our food and drink accessories can make the perfect corporate merchandise so your employees can stay sustainable and stylish while travelling or enjoying the great outdoors. If you prefer a different approach, S’wheat decided to switch things up and create plant-based sunglasses. Our unique material was ideal for this, as it’s both lightweight and strong, so they’ll be easy to carry around with you but also resilient and resistant to damage. Much like our other products, they can be customised in the colour of your choice and branded with your company name or logo.

S’wheat Bottle

As exciting as our new branded products are, the classic reusable S’wheat bottle can be a great corporate gift for all of your employees. A versatile and unique gift, this bottle is easy to carry around with the lightweight material and the strong metal carry clip that can attach to your bag or clothes. Weighing just 250 grams, it is around half the weight of a steel reusable bottle, yet deceptively durable, difficult to damage and naturally eco-insulated to keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold.

Due to the fact that we use no melamine or BPA in our products, they are all biodegradable and won’t upset our aquatic environment. As a social enterprise, we wanted to exceed carbon neutrality, which is why with each order we plant trackable trees, remove plastic from the oceans and donate towards protecting our oceans. When you order promotional merchandise from us, we will plant a minimum of one hundred trees and even include an environmental statistics report explaining exactly how you’re helping the earth.

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