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There are many factors to mull over when choosing your festival water bottle, including its material, capacity, insulation, portability, and, and importantly, how easy is it to drink from?

First up, Material, when looking for your perfect festival water bottle whether as a party goer or for your own event merchandise, finding the perfect material is tricky. There are really only three well known materials out there; Glass, Plastic and Steel. 

Glass is a definite no go for festivals, often glass isn't allowed on festival grounds and there is a super high chance that when you're dancing around and jumping in the crowd to your favourite musician that your bottle will end up in pieces all over the ground, making it dangerous for you and your fellow festival goers!

Plastic? In this day and age Plastic is never a good choice! No one wants to go to a festival littered with plastic bottles full of toxins that slowly release through constant reuse and will never biodegrade! Leaving a festival as clean as you found it is super important, let’s have fun and keep our planet safe and ditch plastic, plus plastic is super easy to crack and isn’t as easily recyclable as may be made out. 

What about steel? Steel is definitely a better alternative than plastic and glass, but steel bottles are often very difficult to clean, and when you're on a multi-day festival trip the last thing you want is a smelly water bottle. While steel doesn't harm the environment in the same way plastic does, to produce a typical steel bottle it takes a whopping 16kg of Co2e, making it a very carbon intensive process, which our Ozone layer definitely won't thank you for. I have found that unfortunately steel bottles often dent, I can’t count the amount of steel bottles I have had to replace because I dropped them and either the side or the lid of the bottle has bent or dented into disrepair! 

So, if glass, plastic and steel are no good, then what are you supposed to do for your festival water bottle? This is where I enlighten you to the S’wheat material. 

S’wheat has created a water bottle made from plants! This water bottle is a combination of wheat and bamboo, it has no nasty chemicals that can seep their way into your drink, plus it takes 16 times less Co2e to produce! And if you happen to lose your bottle when you're dancing your way through the crowds, there is no need to feel guilty about the environmental impact as if your S’wheat bottle ends up in landfill it will naturally biodegrade. The S’wheat bottle can also be completely customised, so if your event is looking for some festival merch you can see your festival branded on a custom bottle uniquely made for your festival fans, whether your partying it up at Glastonbury or Download festival, your festival attendees can stay hydrated, sustainable and keep their festival merch to remind them of the amazing memories they created. 

Capacity, what is the right size for a festival water bottle? It's usually not too difficult to calculate capacity because it simply refers to how much liquid your bottle can store. But bear in mind that capacity affects the bottle's final weight as well. If you’re someone who likes to clip everything to a festival belt or bag so you can walk around and boogie hands free, then something that takes up less space is probably the best option for you. The S’wheat bottle is a great option as it is super lightweight, as it is made from plants it doesn’t weigh you down the way steel or glass does, plus it has a super handy carry clip making it easy to attach to your bum bag or belt. The S’wheat bottle holds a standard drink size (550ml?) making it perfect to store your water, or wine without weighing you down, disturbing your dance moves or spilling on your perfectly put together festival outfit. 

Insulation is also important to remember when finding the perfect festival merch. Keeping your drinks cold or hot can really change your experience. What's better than a refreshing drink of ice cold water after dancing the day away? Or waking up and pouring your fresh camp coffee into your bottle keeping you cosy. Even though the S’wheat bottle is super lightweight it is still fully insulated keeping your drinks hot for up to 6 hours and your cold drinks even longer. 

If you plan to bring your water bottle to festivals, portability is typically a crucial factor to take into account. For me, it must include a carabiner clip  so I can attach it to my belt. This would not be too difficult if you already have a bag that can fit it or a water bottle holder. Since I started using our S’wheat bottles, I've noticed that I frequently just hold the bottle by the carabiner when boogying. This would be an excellent choice if you prefer to hold your bottle. Because of the smooth coating and rubber stoppers, the handle won't hurt your hand (or rattle with the carabiner attached).

And the final point to consider, how easy is your festival merch bottle to actually drink from? In the middle of a jumping crowd the last thing I want to do is try and unscrew the lid of my bottle whilst getting knocked side to side, only to either spill my drink or lose the lid. The S’wheat bottles push lock lid is excellent for solving this problem. As the lid slides back and then can be pushed back forward to seal your drink, you only need one hand to open and close your bottle, plus there is no way for you to lose your lid amongst the crowd. Then once you're done dancing in the crowd and going to fill or wash your bottle, you can unscrew the top quarter of the bottle to fully rinse out the inside and refill, keeping your bottle fresh and ready to clip back on for more festival fun.

The S’wheat bottle is a fantastic way to highlight your festival's commitment to sustainability whilst staying practical, cool and promoting your event worldwide through co-branding the S’wheat bottle.

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