The Must-Have Sustainable Christmas Gift This Year - Eco Essential Christmas Gift Guide 2022

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S’wheat is the world’s first reusable bottle made from plant-based materials. We use discarded by-products of wheat and bamboo to produce the most energy efficient, biodegradable reusable bottle that is as sustainable as it is practical.

The S’wheat reusable bottle comes in a choice of 4 colours - blue, green, black, and oat. It holds 550ml of liquid, yet the bottle itself weighs just 250 grams. This unique bottle was designed with practicality in mind, featuring a strong carabiner clip to attach to your clothes or bag, a lid that unscrews for the easiest of cleans, the patented slide-to-lock mouthpiece that will prevent any leaks, and the eco thermal wall which makes this plant-based bottle naturally insulated.


reusable bottles plant-based eco insulated branded water bottles christmas gift

S'wheat reusable bottle colour range

RRP £25 Available online here

The practicality

Easy to clean: The S’wheat bottle was designed to be practical and efficient, as well as sustainably sound. We noticed that the current reusable bottle market was severely limited in choice of easy-to-clean bottles, so we created ours to be cylindrical and to have a lid that easily screws on and off so you can give it a proper scrub. This feature paired with the antibacterial material makes for a bottle that can last you for years without bad smells or tastes developing.

Versatile: When outdoor activities and sports come into play, you’re going to want your S’wheat bottle by your side. With a handy carabiner clip, you can attach your bottle directly to your bag so you can go exploring with a full bag of supplies and still stay hydrated. Since our plant-based bottle is easily cleaned and odour-free, it’s not just exclusively designed as a water bottle. This bottle is made with a natural eco thermal-wall, meaning that whether your drink is hot or cold, flavoured or not, your drinks temperature will be maintained for hours without tainting the taste. It’s even leakproof, with a simple slide-to-lock mouthpiece that won’t have your drink spilling out after you take a sip. 

Durable: Since we never use melamine or BPA in any of our products, the bottle is 100% biodegradable. Within 6-9 months in an industrial composting facility, your S’wheat bottle will have broken down and will never turn up floating in the sea or in an animal's stomach. However, this reusable bottle should remain strong and in good condition even with daily use for 5-10 years.

The impact

S’wheat is a certified social enterprise, which means we put our mission first. We are a carbon negative brand, offsetting more carbon emissions than we produce to give back to the earth. We do this through our own environmental initiatives to not only create the world’s most sustainable reusable bottle, but to help consumers participate in the fight against single-use plastic and carbon emissions. 

Our eco initiatives:

We use sustainably sourced plant by-products that come from an infinitely renewable source, which are ideal for our bottle’s design and offset emissions naturally.

We needed our bottle to be as eco-friendly as can be, which is why we chose a material that uses just one sixteenth of the energy it takes to produce a steel bottle.

We only use 100% recyclable packaging - never plastic.

We never use BPA or melamine, so our product is fully biodegradable.

We work with environmental charities to further protect sea life.

We remove 20 pounds of plastic from the oceans with each bottle sold.

We plant a trackable native tree that can be monitored online to see the growth, species, and location, so you can see for yourself your environmental impact. 

We plant a minimum of 50 trees with our co-branding orders as well as including an environmental statistics report to help other brands and companies to offset their emissions and demonstrate their impact.

So far, we have managed to grow the S’wheat forest to nearly 12,000 trees - and counting! Through this, we have offset 2.5 tonnes of carbon emissions, which is equivalent to flying a 7,500 round trip on a plane.

The materials

Sustainably sourced: Our eco-minded material is made from a blend of wheat straw and bamboo fibres. To upkeep our mission towards a circular economy, we source these plants directly from farmers who otherwise would have burned or discarded them, supplying additional income for waste products that would have caused unnecessary emissions and avoiding the need for further material manufacturing. 

Efficient: Wheat straw is an infinitely renewable resource, as well as lightweight and deceptively durable. In fact, although our bottle weighs in at 250 grams, which is nearly as little as 50% of your average steel reusable bottle, the unique material means it even has a three times higher tensile strength too. Wheat is a truly versatile plant, from practicality to appearance to sustainability. Would you believe that during photosynthesis, wheat straw actually absorbs more heat from the atmosphere than it releases… pretty S’wheat, right?

Antibacterial: Our other component, bamboo, makes a fantastic reinforcement of our bottles' sustainable wheat properties. Due to its durability, we chose bamboo and wheat mix to make our stronger-than-steel (literally!) reusable bottles, but another positive to the both of these materials is that they’re both naturally antimicrobial and anti-odour. Bamboo contains a natural bio-agent called Bamboo kun which gives it the antibacterial properties. Not only is our bottle designed with easy cleaning in mind, but the natural properties of it gives it further protection against mould and nasty odours.

Natural: Since our materials are all natural and sustainably sourced, we don’t need to use any chemical fertilisers or pesticides that may interfere with the bottle’s biodegradability. Some supposedly biodegradable products are actually falsely marketed as eco-friendly as many of them contain melamine, which can be harmful to both the environment and your own health. When melamine is burned or otherwise exposed to high heat - for example, melamine dishware being microwaved or containing hot food - it breaks down and releases nitrogen, either becoming ingested or releasing emissions.

Corporate gifting

So you need to choose a holiday gift for your employees or clients, but what do you prioritise?

  • Cost?
  • Branding?
  • Practicality?
  • Sustainability? 

Fortunately enough, we have the perfect solution!

The plant-based S’wheat bottle can be personalised to show your company logo in high quality laser-engraving or colour printing. Either choose from our four distinct colours or we can custom match a Pantone shade to fit right in with your branding.

At a minimum quantity order of just 50 bottles, we will plant 50 trees in your company’s name, and you can review your customised environmental impact report to see exactly what a difference you’ve made. 

A single bottle costs £25, but we can offer generously discounted prices when you choose us for your promotional branded merchandise. We want to help as many companies to offset their carbon footprint as we can, which is why we make our products as affordable as possible whilst still funding our eco-conscious commitments.

Enquire about co-branding here, or check out our blog for more information.

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