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Corporate Branded Merchandise Reusable Water Bottle

Choosing how you are going to promote your brand through corporate merchandise can be a struggle. It’s easy to decide on the obvious throw-away items: plastic pens that dry out after a week, dull keyrings, coffee cups that seem to make your drink even colder. Many corporate merchandising items are of no use and simply contribute to the 300 million tonnes of plastic wasted annually.

Ensuring your merchandise isn’t harmful to the environment means you can be proud of your company and show others your company doesn’t condone wasteful practices.

Plantable seed cards

An affordable, environmentally friendly option to display your company logo is to use business cards that are made from recycled or biodegradable card, or even seed paper. Plantable seed paper business cards are a memorable way to share that your company truly goes the extra mile to look after the planet. This not only makes your choice of corporate merchandise zero-waste, it actually benefits the earth. You could also be a bit more creative with this by making your business cards longer and doubling them as bookmarks, creating leaflets sharing information about your company, or adding a small plant pot with your logo on it to make the perfect little garden to brighten up any workspace.

Merch boxes

Eco-friendly corporate merchandise boxes are a great way to spread your businesses logo as they can contain several everyday items that will be seen regularly. Items like recycled pens, notebooks, phone chargers and USB drives will come in useful to anyone and they’re simple to brand. Merchandise boxes give you a bit more choice in the item selection than other options, so you can even add in things that pertain to your brand. For example, organic snacks, sustainable utensils and small coffees and teabags could help further promote a food and drinks company or a wellness brand could use organic tins of soap and bamboo toothbrushes.

Reusable S’wheat bottle

Around 13 billion plastic water bottles are used globally each year, much of which winds up in landfill or the ocean. Having a reusable water bottle on hand is not only great for work, the gym, travelling and many other activities, it also means you aren’t adding to extensive plastic pollution or the CO2 released during the manufacturing process. It also saves you from having to spend extra money. This is why it makes the perfect corporate merchandise, so your company can reduce your carbon footprint and spread the word to your partners, customers, clients or members. The S’wheat bottle is made with all-natural bamboo fibre and wheat straw, which would have otherwise been burned, so we don’t create any waste in the process. This uses just 5% of the energy as steel reusable bottles and the bottle still weighs nearly half as much!

The S’wheat bottle isn’t your average reusable bottle - instead of steel, we use natural eco-insulation which keeps your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold. Because our material is made from ethically-sourced plants, it contains zero toxic chemicals that contaminate your drink, so it’s also dishwasher and microwave safe. Refillable bottles can be difficult to clean and can consequently begin to develop a strange taste and smell, but our bottle top screws off completely so it cleans easily and our plant-based material is naturally antibacterial so it won’t affect the taste of your drink. 

To honour our commitment to being a carbon-neutral company and giving back to the earth, we plant a trackable tree with every sale, remove plastic from the ocean and donate part of our profits towards saving sea life. When you choose corporate branding with S’wheat, we promise to plant a minimum of 100 trees and will send you a report with environmental statistics to show your environmental impact.

Our eco-friendly process:

  • Choose Your Bottle: Choose from our four distinct colours: Pink, Blue, Green and Oat to create your own custom branded reusable bottle.
  • Send Us Your Logo: Email us your logo file and we will create a mock-up image for you.
  • Engraving: We are proud to partner with a UK based company leading the way in high-quality laser engraving and together we brand your bottles.
  • Impact: With every S'wheat bottle corporate branded order we plant trackable native trees in your company's name, remove plastic from the oceans, donate profits to protect sea life and provide a report to showcase all of this. We are a carbon-neutral company and are a certified social enterprise.

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