6 Social Corporate Branded Gift Ideas For 2022

S'wheat reusable water bottles corporate branded bottles uk made from plants bamboo and wheat

1. S’wheat bottle - Our eco-friendly reusable water bottle is the perfect choice for corporate gifts. This is a brilliant way to encourage your employees or clients to reduce their plastic consumption and help your workplace become more sustainable. Our bottles are perfect for the workplace as not only are they created from plant-based materials, making them all natural and biodegradable, they’re lightweight, keep your choice of drink hotter or colder for longer and include a strong clip to attach to your bag. You could even give them out at charity and community events and spread publicity for your company by getting your logo laser engraved on the bottles with our corporate branding. By using our co-branding to gift within your company or business, you’ll be helping to make a difference by reducing the waste of buying corporate gifts that would ordinarily wind up in the bin as this bottle will be useful for everyone. Reusable bottles can also motivate your team to go green by removing the need for single-use plastic water bottles. Plus, with every sale we will plant a tree in your company’s name and remove plastic from the oceans.

2. Plants - A great option for an environmentally-friendly gift is, of course, a plant. If most of your work life revolves around your desk, anyone would surely appreciate something to brighten it up. This idea works well because plant pots and vases can be easily personalised with your company name or logo, and if your office doesn’t get much sun, you can opt for easy to care for plants such as a cactus or a succulent. Aloe, spider plants and peace lilies are all also fairly low maintenance and can thrive in little sunlight and many climates, and are known for their air-purifying properties. Spider plants reproduce often too, meaning this particular gift will multiply over time. If you want to embellish your gifts a little more, try a small terrarium to hold the plants in a way that will liven up any boring desk or shelf. For seasonal gifts, you could use small glass bauble terrariums to hang on the Christmas tree or wherever you like, which can be customised with your logo. 

3. Office supplies - If you want to make sure your gifts don’t go to waste, get something you know will be put to good use. Office supplies such as notebooks, pens and USB drives are always useful in a workplace environment, so if you want to make your company that much more eco-friendly, replace the usual office equipment with more sustainable versions, for example, planners, notebooks and sticky notes made from recycled materials, wooden USB drives, mouse pads, charging cables, bamboo pens with refillable ink and even “plantable pencils” which are made from sustainably sourced materials and contain a seed so that it can be planted when you’re finished with it to grow plants, herbs or even a tree. These are another innovative gift idea that promotes zero-waste and still gives something back to the environment. Like these pencils, many of the everyday items you’ll see at work will be simple enough to find sustainable replacements for and can easily be modified to include your corporate branding, making it a great gift for your employees, colleagues or customers.

4. Bags and wallets - For a practical gift, bags, laptop cases, wallets or card holders will all be perfect for displaying your corporate branding proudly. Protective laptop and tablet sleeves, wallets, purses and card holders all come in handy around the workplace, and can all be made with many different materials such as eco-friendly faux leathers like cork leather, cactus leather and leaf leather. Smaller pouches can be purchased in a wide range of sustainable materials and will appeal to anyone as they can be used as a wash bag, makeup bag, pencil case and so much more. If you’re looking for a larger carrier, drawstring and tote bags made from organic cotton or any recycled materials are always helpful to have, whether it’s for work, the gym or going shopping, everyone will be able to make use of one. 

5. Food storage and utensils - One particularly effective step towards becoming zero-waste is meal prepping and bringing your own lunch out with you. Buying ready-to-eat food on a regular basis is a certain way to break the bank and generally uses single-use plastic packaging, so this could really produce a lot of unnecessary waste over time. As previously mentioned, bags are a simple way to incorporate co-branding into your company gifts and you can even find ethically sourced cooler bags and other food storage boxes made from steel or plant-based materials with your logo printed on them so employees can ditch buying lunch only to end up throwing away wasteful plastic packaging, and instead bring their own food and still have it kept fresh throughout the day. Promotional, reusable cutlery and straws made from metal, bamboo or silicone is another way to reduce waste and encourage meal prepping. It’s also especially useful for brand exposure as they are small, inexpensive and easy to personalise, so they are perfect for giving out to clients and possible future clients. 

6. Accessories - Gifts relative to the time of year can be a good option for specific holidays or times of the year. For example, for gifts over the festive period, hand warmers, hot water bottles, umbrellas, gloves, thermal socks, warm hats, scarves and blankets can all easily be printed with your logo of choice, are appropriate for the season and are easy to find as environmentally friendly substitutes, such as organic cotton, linen or hemp. If you’re looking for something a little more equipped for sunshine, beach towels, sunglasses and hats, handheld fans, beach towels and picnic blankets are some more summer-ready suggestions. For something more suitable for all year round, items such as face coverings, hats, key-rings and phone accessories like cases, stands, grips and charging cables should be of use to all and simple to personalise. 

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