5 Reasons to Choose S’wheat For Corporate Branded Merchandise

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The S’wheat bottle makes a fantastic product for corporate branded merchandise and gifts. It’s innovative design and unconventional material means this is a product you can feel satisfied displaying your logo on. If you’re searching for the perfect employee gift or a way to reduce single-use plastic at events, S’wheat can help.

Brand Promotion 

Promoting your brand through personalised merchandise is easier than ever with S’wheat. Our products make the ideal corporate gift for employees, clients and potential customers as we can help personalise them with high-quality laser engraving. Demonstrating your commitment to sustainability through your company merchandise means building a solid reputation for your brand, attracting new clientele, reducing carbon emissions and waste, and working towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Handing out your promotional gifts at charity and community events to potential clients and customers will leave a lasting impression because a genuinely useful yet visually appealing product over plastic pens and other wasteful promotional items can be much more memorable and won’t create more plastic waste.

As an employee gift, the S’wheat bottle can really encourage your workplace to come together and make a commitment to eco-conscious living. Minimising the need for plastic bottles and cups and encouraging others to use a refillable bottle is not only cost-effective but kinder to everyone’s health and the environment.


When you choose the S’wheat reusable bottle for your promotional product, a minimum of 100 trees will be planted in your company’s name, plus we will remove plastic from the ocean and contribute a percentage of our profits towards protecting sea life. Personalised reusable bottles make the perfect promotional gifts as they are practical, easy to engrave, and can be both inexpensive and eco-friendly. Bottles made from steel, plastic and glass are common, but these materials are all energy-intensive to manufacture and often hold issues with durability, freshness, and taste. 

These reusable bottles are plant-based, ethically sourced, versatile, and energy-efficient - producing a S’wheat bottle uses only 5% of the energy needed for a stainless steel bottle. Our distinctive material is made from a combination of naturally antibacterial wheat straw and resilient bamboo fibre, which we source from farmers who don’t need it. These plants are extremely adaptable and grow in large quantities which is why it’s such a sustainable option. As a carbon-neutral company passionate about keeping our environmental impact to a minimum, S’wheat only uses recycled material to ship our products.


Reusable bottles are something anyone can use, no matter if they are a social butterfly or a gym enthusiast or anything in between. The versatility of the S’wheat bottle means it can go with you anywhere with the handy carry clip to attach to your bag or clothing. There’s no need to worry about spillages or leaking either, as the sliding mouthpiece locks firmly into place when closed. Our natural, unique material is both strong and lightweight at just 250 grams, yet nearly 50% lighter than a steel reusable bottle. It holds 550 ml (18.6 oz) of whatever you’re drinking, whether it’s hot or cold, water or coffee, the eco-insulated thermal wall means your drink will stay just as you like it, and the taste won’t taint your bottle like it would with the plastic alternative.


Plastic bottles, whether disposable or reusable, often contain toxins such as formaldehyde and melamine, which have been linked to a weakened immune system, certain cancers and neurological disorders. It’s common for single-use water bottles to be refilled for a while, but this can wear down the plastic and cause microplastics to contaminate the water and be ingested. It was found that more than 80% of bottled water contains microplastics in the first place, and when tested, the same percentage of participants were discovered to have microplastics in their blood. These were found to be either PET plastics, polyethylene or polystyrene, all of which are commonly used in water bottles, food packaging and plastic bags.

Reusable plastic bottles often contain BPA, which has been suggested to increase the risk of cardiovascular illnesses, higher blood pressure, hormonal issues and type 2 diabetes. BPA is released from plastic when exposed to light and heat, causing the chemical to leach into your drink and contaminate it. There is also a risk of bacteria build-up in reusable bottles, which is why S’wheat uses naturally antibacterial materials, making our bottle one of the safest and healthiest options. Gifting S’wheat bottles to your employees can also encourage them to stay hydrated wherever they are.


Bulk buying promotional products can get a bit pricey, but at S’wheat, we’re able to keep our prices at an affordable rate due to the fact we use an energy-efficient manufacturing process with low-cost waste materials. The individual S’wheat bottle retails for just £25, but in higher volumes can cost far less per bottle. Instead of wasting money on cheap plastic rubbish, opting for our versatile products means your employees or clients can receive merchandise they will truly enjoy. When using our corporate branding, we can walk you through the process and help you result in a design you’re completely satisfied with.

Our Eco-Friendly Co-branding Process:

Choose Your Bottle: Choose from our four distinct colours: Pink, Blue, Green and Oat to create your own custom branded reusable bottle.

Send Us Your Logo: Email us your logo file and we will create a mock up image for you.

Engraving: We are proud to partner with a UK based company leading the way in high quality laser engraving and together we brand your bottles.

Impact: With every S'wheat bottle corporate branded order we plant trackable native trees in your company's name, remove plastic from the oceans, donate profits to protect sea-life and provide a report to showcase all of this. We are a carbon neutral company and are a certified social enterprise.

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