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Running sporting events, festivals, and even charity events can result in a huge waste of resources. A shocking number of over 100 million disposable plastic cups are used every year at events in the UK. Not only does this have a massively detrimental impact on the environment, the expenses that go towards food containers, plastic cups, recycling, litter, and waste management can create a huge dent in your profits.

It’s one thing to replace your single-use plastic with recycled materials, but this unfortunately does not solve the issue of managing the waste, and barely a third of recyclable plastic cups end up being recycled. Replacing disposable plastic cups and containers with a biodegradable material or a sustainable system that won’t cause excess litter or plastic is the way to go. 

Branded promotional cups, bottles, and containers can be hired out to each person and returned at the end of the event for their money back, or kept as a souvenir for a low price. This prevents the need for waste management, eliminates littered plastic and polystyrene, and means you don’t need to continuously buy or manufacture more plastic products. Another bonus of this method is that it seriously reduces carbon emissions that are created from producing plastic.

The best material for food and drinks packaging is something that will biodegrade, such as cardboard for food, or even better, a truly eco-friendly bioplastic. S’wheat’s reusable bottles and cups will not only advertise your brand in style, they will help to put an end to the damages of single-use plastic waste. S’wheat’s 330ml cups will keep your expenses at bay as well as ocean-bound plastics… no pun intended.

Corporate Gifts

No matter the occasion, you’ll want to pick a corporate gift for your clients or employees that is sustainable, affordable, and useful. All too often is corporate branded merchandise dried up pens just waiting to get lost at the back of your desk drawer or cheap reusable bottles that taste like plastic, which is why choosing an eco-friendly yet practical branded gift like the plant-based S’wheat reusable bottle is the perfect way to show your staff or colleagues your appreciation. 

Additionally, this could really motivate your employees to avoid buying single-use plastic bottles or using aluminium, steel, or plastic bottles. Despite being reusable, these bottles have a deceptively high energy intensive manufacturing process, so although they’re marketed as environmentally friendly, in reality, these take at least 18 times as much energy to produce than it does for a S’wheat bottle! What’s more, these take a lot of energy to recycle, whereas our innovative blend of wheat and bamboo will biodegrade.

Branding your customised logo onto the unique S’wheat bottles with our high-quality laser engraving ensures your promotional gifts remain to a perfect standard even with daily use. No company logo peeling off, no stale, plastic aftertaste, no unpleasant odours - just a naturally insulated bottle for your recipient to bring their coffee, juice, or ice-cold water to work with them, and anywhere their weekend takes them, too. Even the handy carry clip means it won’t have to be stuffed into a small bag, so it saves them space, saves you money, and saves the planet.


Choosing S’wheat for your branded corporate merchandising is a brilliant way to advertise as a brand who truly cares about the state of the environment. Accidentally opting for greenwashed brands that are allegedly eco-friendly can be an easy mistake to make, but if you notice a brand who sells supposedly sustainable products with no evidence to prove it, it’s likely they are not really as environmentally conscious as they claim to be. 

Properly researching a company before choosing to co-brand with them to find proof of their environmental claims is important to ensure you’re doing the most you can to minimise your carbon emissions and plastic consumption. If they are a certified social enterprise or B corporation, this is a positive sign, but it’s still good to dig deeper and notice whether they’re using plastic or even collaborating with unethical companies.

With S’wheat, we plant a tree with every bottle we sell, and when fulfilling a co-branding order, we plant a minimum of 50 trees - and even more the higher the quantity. Want to see for yourself? Check out our forest over at Ecologi where we have planted over 5,500 trees and achieved 2.5 tonnes of carbon reduction. We also remove ocean-bound plastic by partnering with Plastic Bank, contributing to the 58.8 kg of plastic they have removed from the ocean - that’s equivalent to nearly 3 million plastic bottles! Not only that, but we also donate a percentage of profits towards charities that protect marine life. Pretty S’wheat, huh?

Furthermore, if your employees, colleagues, affiliated brands, or clientele are seen with their branded S’wheat bottle, whether in real life or on social media, this can be fantastic for promotional purposes. This way, you’ll be spreading the word that you’re a company who really cares and helping to encourage your audience to rethink how they may be affecting the state of the earth.

Our Eco-Friendly Co-branding Process:

Choose Your Bottle: Choose from our four distinct colours: Black, Blue, Green and Oat or we can work on a new custom colour for you to create your own custom branded reusable bottle.

Send Us Your Logo: Email us your logo file and we will create a mock up image for you so we can review your design before moving forward with production.

Engraving: We are proud to partner with a UK based company leading the way in high quality laser engraving and together, we brand your bottles.

Impact: With every S'wheat bottle corporate branded order we plant at least fifty trackable native trees in your company's name, remove plastic from the oceans, donate profits to protect sea life and provide a report to showcase all of this. We are a carbon neutral company and a certified social enterprise.

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