How To Clean Your Water Bottle | S'wheat Reusable Water Bottles

Your S'wheat bottle is your life-long companion. Follow the simple steps below to keep your bottle pure, clean and refreshed for years to come.

Before Initial Use:

Hand-wash your bottle with hot soapy water then rinse.


Don't put your S'wheat bottle in the fridge or freezer: Due to the double walled insulation the water inside won’t freeze. If you love your water ice cold simply unscrew the lid and pop in a few ice cubes. Cool water for hours!

Don't put your bottle in the microwave. 

Don't use carbonated or sparkling beverages in your S'wheat bottle: Due to pressure build up this will cause your bottle seal to be damaged and ineffective.


Hand wash your bottle regularly (every 3-4 days). You can use hot soapy water.

The seal rings on your S'wheat bottle can also be removed during cleaning to prevent residue. We suggest carefully using a blunt object to prevent damaging the seal, don't forget to put the seals back in correctly before use!

The S'wheat bottle is only dishwasher safe if you remove the carry clip from the bottle. The carry clip is not dishwasher safe.