4 Ways to Use Corporate Branding Reusable Water Bottles to Promote Your Business

Corporate Branding Reusable Water Bottles Plant Based

Customised plant based reusable bottles for your organisation or event. 

You want your business to be green, but it can be difficult to figure out where to start. That’s why you need S’wheat, the reusable water bottle made from plants, that makes it easy to be green at your business. The four tips in this blog will help you improve your business practices. And just to show our thanks, we’re offering 5% off all corporate co-branding orders through the end of the month.

Tip 1.  Provide corporate branded water bottles at trade shows or exhibitions.

People attend trade exhibitions with the intention of meeting new clients, partnering with like-minded brands, and forming new business partnerships. Use a co-branded reusable water bottle at trade exhibitions to give out to prospective clients. If you are giving out reusable water bottles at trade exhibitions, you are keeping your company's name in front of your customers, while providing a sustainable and beneficial product. Which is much better than wasteful promotional pens or tote bags. At S’wheat we are one of the only sustainable brands to offer completely plastic free, recycled and recyclable carbon neutral delivery for all corporate and co-branding orders.


Tip 2. Gift loyal or new customers and employees with unique reusable water bottles.

Do you have regular clients or customers who place large orders or use your company on a regular basis? Do you have employees who are going over and above in their work and always meeting targets? With a customised sustainable gift such as the S’wheat reusable bottle, you can show how much you value their commitment. This year for 2021, consider branded water bottles as a corporate Christmas gift for your loyal customers, hard working team and newest clients.


Tip 3. Contribute to community or charity events.

Giving away reusable water bottles at community events is a surefire way to get your company's name out there and remembered. If you run a SME or provide a community-based service, this is a great approach to gain trust and loyalty from people who could become future customers, clients, or investors.

Local events where you can hand away company-branded water bottles include charity fairs, university events, parades, sports tournaments, school events, and local fundraisers. For social enterprises or community events we offer special pricing, please get in touch to find out more. 

Tip 4. Showcase your environmental efforts through corporate branded reusable bottles.

Help your team live more sustainably in their everyday lives. Hundreds of single-use disposable plastic water bottles can be replaced with just one unique, stylish, plant based water bottle. Give eco-friendly branded water bottles to your customers, clients, and sponsors to show that you care about the environment.

Not only does this product offer convenience, it is also an environmentally friendly alternative. Considering it helps save on the use of disposable plastic bottles in the workplace while reducing carbon emissions, the eco-friendly water bottle helps you be part of the solution. We also offer carbon and plastic reduction reporting to showcase your company's efforts.

Put your message in front of your customers and stakeholders while also helping to clean up the environment. Our plant-based reusable bottles can be customised with your logo or business name. Customisable laser etched bamboo fibre and wheat straw bottles. Carabiner clip and plant based packaging choices are also available. We remove 25 single-use plastic bottles from the ocean and plant a trackable native tree for every reusable bottle we sell. 

Use this reusable water bottle to provide your employees, clients or customers fresh and clean drinking water wherever they go. Not only does this design make the bottle easier to carry, our unique, patented ‘eco-thermal’ technology keeps your drink cooler or hotter for longer when in the car or on a work break. It comes with a customisable carabiner hook making it easy to attach it to your keys, backpacks, work bags or even a belt. 

Are you looking to reduce your organisation's plastic waste but not sure where to begin? We can provide manufacturing services of other plant based sustainable products to further support your environmental mission, get in touch with us here. 

Join the green revolution and make a difference in your business. Our S’wheat bottles are reusable, eco-friendly, plant based bottles designed to make it easier for you to change your business practices.

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