5 Reasons Why People Love This Bamboo Water Bottle

5 reasons why people love this bamboo reusable water bottle blue

The S'wheat plant-based reusable bottle has been ever popular since launch. The unique eco-friendly water bottles made from waste bamboo fibre and wheat straw are the worlds first and have proven extremely popular with their customers. But what makes these plant-based reusable bottles so desirable?

1. They are sustainably produced. - S'wheat breakdown sustainable plant sugars taken from leftover bamboo fibres and wheat straw that would have otherwise been burnt by farmers, into simple chemical structures that are rearranged to form plant-based bamboo water bottles. 

2. They are lightweight and durable. - Thanks to the ergonomic design and sustainable plant materials created by S'wheat, the bottle weighs only 250 grams. That's almost 2x lighter than the average steel bottle weighing 420 grams! What's more, these bamboo water bottles are extremely durable with a higher tensile strength than alloys of steel. 

3. The reusable bottles come in a selection of fun colours. - Have you been on the hunt for the perfect water bottle for Birthday, Mother's Day or Christmas? The S'wheat reusable water bottle is available in an exciting range of colours including Pink, Blue, Green and Oat. Which is your favourite?

4. Finally an easy to clean reusable water bottle! - The S'wheat bottle has been carefully designed with practicality in mind. The easy to clean design means your bottle will last for many years, say goodbye to smelly mouldy bottles!

5. They make the perfect eco product for your organisation. - If you are an organisation looking for eco branded water bottles or water bottles in bulk look no further. S'wheat offers co-branding on all plant-based bottles with low minimum order quantities and fast turnarounds. Find out more here

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  • Berenice De Meyer

    Please can you advertise on Facebook and tell everyone we’re to buy this. I would like drinking glass for children.

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