The Official Guide To Sustainable Promotional Merchandise: Promotional Gifts Under £30!

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Ready to promote your company but not sure how to do so sustainably? S’wheat has the answer for you. Finding the perfect gift for clients, employees or business partners is tricky enough, never mind considering the environmental impact these have too!

Clients and consumers are bored of the same old promotional merchandise such as pens, tote bags, and badges. They want something practical, forward thinking, and re-useable. Knowing what’s on your customers mind is essential to running a good business. Staying up to date with trends and the latest ‘it thing’ is imperative to staying relevant and promoting your business throughout the generations. This is where S’wheat knows how to help you out. 

Our plant-based bottles are a fantastic new option for a corporate branded gift. The S’wheat bottle is pure, practical, and made from plants. The S’wheat bottle isn’t just another re-useable water bottle, our bottle is made from ethically sourced wheat straw and bamboo which would have otherwise been left to waste! We never use any nasty chemicals in our product, keeping you, the ones you care about, and the environment safe. The S’wheat bottle also comes in a range of colours and is ready to become your perfect corporate branded gift. Not feeling like our choice of pastel colours? Not to worry! We can customise our bottle to your company’s or brands colours for an even more promotional product. We also offer customisable carabiner clips and packaging for that extra wow when your gift is received.

So, what does S’wheat do that makes us so sustainable? For every bottle purchased, 20lbs of ocean bound plastic is removed from our oceans, we also have a trackable tree planted in your company’s name, helping you reduce carbon emissions and de-forestation. We are now a carbon negative company, officially offsetting more carbon than we produce. We found our way to carbon neutrality, let’s work together on a promotional eco-friendly bottle and make your company reduce its carbon footprint too! Plus, you have the added bonus of seeing your company promoted on a trendy, relevant and popular product, pretty S’wheat huh? 

Circular economy is at the forefront of what we do, our founders Jake and Amee choose to create a plant-based product after years of research into the damage plastic and steel bottles cause. We all know that using plastic in 2022 is a no go, but what about steel? You may not be aware, but producing steel evolves a very energy intensive manufacturing process releasing CO2, our S’wheat bottle only takes 1/16th of the amount of energy to produce and is much lighter to carry around, no extra waste here! So, what’s the argument against glass? In terms of a glass bottle, if you are in anyway clumsy, in a rush to a meeting, or have a bumpy tram ride to work and don’t fancy finding your water in your laptop, I would avoid this option! The S’wheat bottle is not only designed to be eco-friendly, but it is specifically designed to be durable with a carry clip so you can easily attach your bottle to your bag or belt for those morning commutes, it is also long-lasting and guaranteed to keep your drinks fresh and cool, or hot and cosy. 

Corporate branded merchandise is often produced with stick-on screen-printed logo’s that after a couple of washes will fade or vanish all together, making your promotional product well, not quite so promotional. At S’wheat your logo, message or design will be laser engraved onto your bottles, making sure that no matter how many times your item is washed, scrubbed, or left in the rain, your message won’t vanish, but your company’s plastic waste will.  Eco-friendly products are beginning to really take off now that governments world-wide are focusing on solutions to saving our planet with events such as COP26. So why not be at the forefront of this up-ward soaring trend and grab an eco-branded gift? Our bottle is fantastic for gift bags or occasions such as corporate events and seminars. Often companies pump their resources into advertising via media, print or radio, but promotional products are one of the most cost-effective ways of advertising your company, with the cheapest cost per impression ratio. Promotional products are highly likely to be kept for a long time (especially when they are re-useable, practical and happen to be made from plants), they also happen to be a great motivator for staff and a brilliant way to show that you care for your employees and the planet, whilst all neatly wrapped up in one merchandise product.

Our Bottles also have the option of coming with a personalised note card, made from recycled or seed paper that you can plant in your garden, keeping to our no extra waste promise. This is a little extra way to ensure your promotional merchandise has a personal touch, not only promoting your brand on the outside, but showing your support from the inside. This means that you are gifting your employee or client not just a great new water bottle, but you will also gift them their own personal tree that they can watch grow over time! A fantastic way to watch how your carbon emissions reduce as your business grows. 

Custom merchandise often gets complicated and time-consuming, so at S’wheat we like to keep it simple. All you need to do is pick out your colour, or a selection of colours, then send us your logo and we will create a digital mock-up so you can see exactly what you are getting, this can be mix and matched with a different colour carabiner too! And then we will do the rest for you. We will have your bottles engraved, packaged and ready to go for your big events, ensuring your promotional product is the talk of the town, spreading awareness for your company and for a great cause. 

So, if you’re looking for a great piece of custom branded merchandise for your company that will keep your clients, employees, and consumers happy, whilst helping the environment and making your company more carbon neutral, then take a look at S’wheat. 

Pure, Practical and made from plants.

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