Reusable Water Bottle Company Based In Scotland

Reusable Water Bottle Company Based In Edinburgh Scotland reusable bottles made from plants

In 2018, S’wheat was created as a start-up in Scotland by young founders Jake Elliot-Hook and Amee Ritchie. S’wheat’s plant-based, reusable water bottle is inspired by the diverse Scottish mountain ranges, mist-filled lochs, and ancient forests.

Whether you're climbing a mountain or in the office, S'wheat has your back. The S’wheat bottle is perfect for anyone passionate about the great outdoors as it’s made from sustainably sourced bamboo fibre and wheat straw which would have been wasted otherwise, making it compostable and all natural. This makes it entirely free of unnatural and potentially harmful chemicals and pesticides, so you don’t need to worry about toxins like melamine or BPA leaching into your drink and damaging nature or your health like you may find in single-use plastic bottles. The zero-waste approach to our bottle resulted in the manufacturing process using only 5% of the energy it takes to produce a steel reusable water bottle. The innovative plant-based material is naturally antibacterial too, so it won’t start to grow mould or develop a strange, metallic smell or taste.

The S’wheat bottle is essential for anyone who is interested in sustainability, veganism, health and fitness, nature and outdoor activities, or just wants to stay more hydrated while giving back to the earth. Our natural, waste-free material also means that it is efficient and easy to bring wherever life takes you - at just 250 grams, it’s almost 50% lighter than your average steel reusable bottle. Despite how lightweight the bottle is, it holds 550 ml (18.6 oz) of any liquid. Whether it’s accompanying you into the beauty of Scottish nature, or on the long commute to work, or just going to meet a friend for a catch-up, the S’wheat bottle ensures your hot drinks stay hot, cold drinks stay cold, and that it can come with you wherever you go with the reliable carry clip. You don’t need to worry if you’re throwing it in your bag in a rush though, as the leak-proof mouthpiece stays firmly in place when closed so it won’t spill a drop. By choosing our bamboo and wheat straw bottle over steel, plastic or glass you can save the hassle and money of having to repurchase since it won’t start to smell funny and is stronger and more durable, so it won’t dent or crack.  Not only does our reusable bottle prevent further damage regarding the climate crisis and plastic pollution, it actively fights to make a change. With every S’wheat bottle we sell, a tree is planted in your name, which you can track and watch grow. We will also remove 20 pounds of plastic from the ocean and donate a percentage of our profits to nurture our aquatic life.

Although Scotland is one of the more environmentally conscious places to live, in 2020, a study was conducted by Marine Scotland Science which found that around 200 million pieces of macro plastic and 25 trillion microplastic particles join our polluted seas annually, 90% of which is littered. This is why at S’wheat, we have made it our mission to disrupt the plastic industry and use completely recyclable paper and cardboard instead of plastic to ship our bottle to you at no additional cost, worldwide! Having a reusable bottle also means there is no need to buy disposable plastic water bottles and coffee cups every day, which saves you from wasting money as well.  Fortunately, in addition to the pre-existing plastic straw ban and plastic bag charge, Scotland will make it illegal to manufacture, sell, or possess a number of unsustainable single-use plastic and polystyrene items, such as plates, cutlery, stirrers and food and drink containers. Without the 326 million pieces of plastic cutlery and plates and 66 million food containers, Scotland will be making a massive step towards combating pollution and saving our wildlife and environment, both on land and in our waters. 

The recycled packaging, biodegradable and ethically sourced product materials and eco-friendly manufacturing process means that S’wheat is a proud carbon-neutral company. This supports the Scottish Government’s target to reduce major greenhouse gas emissions until they reach net zero by 2045. By 2030, petrol and diesel cars and vans should be phased out and by 2035, railways and buses should be fully decarbonised. Emissions are aimed to be reduced by 75% and £250 million is being invested to help restore 250,000 hectares of peatland ecosystems by that time, which absorb and store carbon and will additionally ensure an influx of green jobs. Healthy peatlands reduce more CO2 from the atmosphere than all other types of vegetation combined, but when damaged, cause nearly 5% of CO2 emissions caused by humans globally, so restoration of these peatlands could be crucial to see a reduction in greenhouse gases. Scotland’s NHS is the first national health service in the UK to attempt to achieve net zero greenhouse emissions, which in turn would benefit the NHS as the climate crisis means the air quality can negatively affect your lungs, causing or exacerbating conditions like asthma and pneumonia, or even increasing the likelihood of stroke or heart attack. 

Achieving carbon-neutrality as a company is one of the most important things you can do because it is extremely beneficial in many different aspects. Preventing further greenhouse gas emissions means we’ll be looking after both the public’s health and your own, saving the climate from irreversible damage, protecting marine animals, and helping to preserve the breathtaking Scottish wildlife and ecosystems that our bottle is inspired by. S’wheat offers corporate branding, so if you really want to make a difference, you can get your logo laser engraved and distribute reusable water bottles around your place of work to encourage your staff or coworkers to spread a positive influence and motivate them to ditch the single-use plastic cups and bottles and go sustainable! Plus, with each co-branding order we will plant one hundred traceable native trees for you and you’ll even receive an environmental statistics report so you can proudly display your eco accomplishments.

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