Branded Water Bottles With Your Company’s Logo

Branded Water Bottles With Your Company’s Logo

What can I use branded S’wheat water bottles for?

Improve ESG goals and reduce environmental impact.

Impress clients and customers while showcasing your corporate social responsibility with a high-quality product.

Please employees with an eco-friendly and practical corporate gift.

Look after your health with a natural, toxin-free product.

Sports, travel, work… take your S’wheat bottle wherever you roam.

 Eco friendly branded water bottles co-branding sustainable events merchandise gift ideas

Co-branded S'wheat water bottles



Circular economy is at the forefront of our mission, which is why the S’wheat material TM is made up of discarded wheat straw and bamboo, providing extra income for farmers who often burn these waste materials, creating easily avoided carbon emissions. Not to mention, each company branded S’wheat water bottle funds the planting of a trackable native tree, allowing the recipient to monitor the growth online and see where in the world it is most needed.

S’wheat’s branded water bottles are in fact so eco-friendly that we are a carbon negative social enterprise, which means that we actually remove more carbon from the atmosphere than we produce! Wheat straw and bamboo both store more carbon than they emit during photosynthesis, making them the ideal plants to create our super sustainable reusable bottles. 

Did you know that stainless steel water bottles aren’t really as sustainable as they say? They may be recyclable, but they cannot be recycled in at-home disposable, so more often than not, they are simply thrown away, never to decompose. It’s a little known fact that steel production is energy intensive, more so than even plastic or glass. 1kg of glass requires 18-35MJ in comparison to the same amount of steel using 20-50MJ. S’wheat’s eco-friendly branded water bottles use just 5% the amount of energy that stainless steel does, making it by far the most sustainable option. 


These branded water bottles are a cut above the rest, and not just because of our positive environmental impact. S’wheat branded water bottles are free from toxins such as BPA or melamine, which have been known in high quantities to cause health issues such as dysfunction of the endocrine system, which affects hormones and can therefore damage reproductive health. 

Stainless steel reusable bottles are dominating the market these days, but one of the reasons the S’wheat bottle was created was because our founders know the issues with these, one of which is how quickly they develop an unpleasant taste or smell and need to be replaced. This cycle of buying a new bottle every few months is incredibly wasteful and defeats the whole purpose of a reusable bottle, which is why we picked an ever-renewable plant-based material that is naturally efficient and will last years.

It isn’t uncommon for consumers to soon discard their metal water bottles due to smell, taste, and mould due to the difficulty cleaning them, and this can lead to the use and re-use of single-use plastic bottles. Disposable plastic water bottles are made from Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which is another endocrine disruptor, even with the absence of BPA. Although stainless steel itself does not contain these chemicals, they often contain plastic or silicone to allow the lid to screw on without leaking, which can contain chemicals like BPA. Particularly with repeated use and exposure to warmth, these water bottles begin to break down and deteriorate, causing more toxins and microplastics to enter the water and be ingested. 


Different types of reusable bottles include materials such as plastic, metal, glass, and bioplastics (natural plant-based materials that mimic plastics). Although recyclable and free from toxins, glass is unfortunately the least practical of these as it can easily smash. Plastic bottles are fairly durable and won’t become dented, but of course we all know that these aren’t the most eco-conscious. Stainless steel water bottles are pretty strong too but can easily become scratched and dented, not to mention how heavy they can be. The appeal of metal reusable bottles is mostly in the insulation it provides, but the S’wheat branded water bottle features a natural eco thermal wall, keeping your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold.

The S’wheat branded water bottle weighs just 250 grams, which is nearly as little as half the weight of your average stainless steel bottle! Despite the lightweight aspect of our plant-based reusable bottle, they are extremely durable with a tensile strength three times higher than the metal water bottles. Along with the leakproof slide-to-lock mouthpiece, the lid of the S’wheat bottle twists off for easy cleaning, and our material is even naturally antibacterial and anti-odour, so it can be used for years! The natural antimicrobial properties of bamboo and wheat straw make them some of the most resilient plants which is why we needn’t use chemical pesticides and fertilisers, keeping the branded water bottles all-natural and toxin free.

Pretty S’wheat, right?


The S’wheat reusable branded water bottle makes the perfect branded event merchandise whether it be a professional event, charity, music, or sports. Leave a lasting impression by handing out branded water bottles customised with your company logo and your colour of choice. This way, you can have eco-friendly branded water bottles that accurately represent your company and style of branding. Who could ever forget receiving such a fantastic product? By opting for a practical product that will be used day-to-day, you’re ensuring that your company name and logo is getting out there and being seen by the public. 

Corporate gifts

You may be welcoming new employees or gifting to your loyal staff during the festive period, but are feeling unsure of how to do so without settling for the same old boring plastic rubbish. Maybe you are simply trying to boost your ESG goals and see that minimising plastic waste and reducing your company carbon footprint is the easiest and most effective way to do so, which is why this is such a fantastic corporate branded gift idea. Branded wholesale water bottles from S’wheat can do all this while encouraging sustainability to your employees and colleagues. If your workplace is still selling single-use plastic bottles of water, this can be the head start you need to rid your office of plastic. 


S'wheat Eco friendly branded water bottles co-branding sustainable events merchandise gift ideas

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