Why This Water Bottle Makes For The Perfect Sustainable Christmas Gift

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Since its launch, the S'wheat plant-based reusable bottle has been extremely popular. The world's first reusable water bottle made from plants using discarded bamboo fibre and wheat straw have proven to be incredibly popular with customers. But what is it about these plant-based reusable bottles that makes them the perfect sustainable gift for Christmas?

Made for adventure:

The S’wheat water bottle is lightweight and long-lasting. This reusable bottle weighs only 260 grams, thanks to S'wheat's ergonomic design and ecological plant materials. That's nearly twice as light as the average steel water bottle, which weighs 420 grams! Furthermore, bamboo water bottles have a higher tensile strength than steel alloys, making them exceptionally durable.

Perfect for your daily routine:

Our new reusable water bottle features our natural ‘eco-insulated' thermal wall technology, which allows it to hold both hot and cold beverages, as well as a strengthened clip carry handle that makes carrying and clipping into backpacks a breeze. The S’wheat bottle is the perfect companion whether you’re heading to the office, walking the dogs or climbing a mountain. 

The gift for the eco warrior in your life:

The S’’wheat reusable bottles are made in a way that is environmentally friendly. - S'wheat converts sustainable plant materials derived from waste bamboo fibres and wheat straw, which would otherwise be burned by farmers, into their patented material that is then moulded to create the plant-based bamboo water bottles. The S’wheat bottle is free from BPA, Melamine, Toxic chemicals and heavy metals.

Endlessly reusable:

A reusable water bottle that is simple to clean is at the top of many peoples' Christmas lists this year! Luckily, the S'wheat bottle has been thoughtfully designed to be endlessly functional. Your bottle will last for many years thanks to the easy-to-clean design; that you can actually get your hand to the bottom of! Say goodbye to nasty, mouldy bottles!


Make it personal:

Christmas 2021 is approaching quickly, and if you're a company looking to recognise your employees for their hard work throughout this difficult year, S'wheat has just what you're looking for. A unique environmentally friendly water bottle, but that's not all; we can personalise your bottles with your company's name so you can show the world that you're fighting to save our beautiful planet.

Give a company-branded S'wheat Bottle as a corporate present to your clients, employees, and hardworking teams this Christmas.

A gift that gives back: 

At S’wheat we're building our very own forest! Every time an S'wheat bottle is sold, a tree is planted! When you buy a S'wheat bottle, you'll get your own trackable tree planted in your name, which you can keep track of as it grows! Purchasing for a gift? We can even plant the tree in your friends or family members' names showing everyone just how much of an eco warrior they are. 

Bundle packs:

Check out our friends and family bulk bottle packs that are perfect for this Christmas. We offer the friends pack which includes two bottles in the colours of your choice and the family pack containing four bottles, with bulk discounts of more than 20%! Your reusable water bottle will be sent in a reusable recycled tube that is both durable and eye-catching, making it the perfect gift this Christmas.

Will you be having a S’wheat Christmas this year? Check out the world’s first reusable bottle made from plants here

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