Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts For Your Family & Employees 2021

Eco friendly christmas gifts employees co-brand 2021

Using 100% plant-based bottles allows businesses to enhance their sustainability practises by moving away from plastics made from finite resources like fossil fuels and lowering their carbon impact.

Bottles made entirely of plants can be used for a variety of cold and hot beverages, including water, teas, hot chocolate, coffee, ice and smoothies. There's no plastic taste, and there's no risk of side effects. They look wonderful and are great for businesses to be seen using, as well as being good for the environment and you.

Our reusable water bottle is not only convenient, but it is also environmentally friendly. By reducing the use of disposable plastic bottles in the office and minimising carbon emissions, the eco-friendly water bottle allows you to contribute to the solution. To show off your company's progress, we also provide carbon and plastic reduction data. That's a unique and amazing Christmas gift for your employees.

Christmas is not so far away, if you are a business and you want to reward your employees for their hard work throughout the year, then we at S’wheat have exactly what you need. A 100% Eco friendly water bottle, but that’s not all, we can customise your bottles with your company's name on and you can show the world that you are with us  on our fight to save our wonderful planet.

This Christmas give your clients, employees and hard working teams a company branded S’wheat Bottle as a corporate gift.

There's no plastic taste, and they are so easy to keep clean. When you drink from our plant based bottle there will be no leaching of micro-plastics so nothing harmful goes inside the human body. They look amazing, are good for the environment, and we make sure they are good for you.

We don’t just stop there, we donate a percentage of our profits to protect sea life, we remove plastic from the ocean and every person who buys a S’wheat reusable bottle will get a tree planted in their name which they can track.

Here at S’wheat we have so much to offer you, so let's get to it, our reusable bottles can hold 500 mls, they come in some beautiful colours, we have Pink Green Blue and Oat. Just choose your favourite colour. Our bottles are super lightweight, (260 grams) so you can run with them, walk with them or attach them to your backpack or handbag via our multi purpose carry handle. They are suitable for cold and hot drinks with leak proof lids.

Your company can order a minimum of 150 reusable bottles for branding, with fast turnarounds 1-2 weeks. Contact us on to find out more.

We do fabulous friend and family packs , great for all occasions .To make it even S’wheater we offer Friend and Family gift package discounts, so don’t miss out. Your bottle will arrive in a sturdy, beautifully designed, reusable recycled tube.

When you buy one S’wheat bottle you stop 360 single-use plastic bottles going to landfill or into our oceans. S’wheat is on a mission to save our planet ,we are the ONLY 100% Plant based bottles in the WORLD. We say NO to glass bottles, plastic bottles, steel bottles. 

Help us to save our planet.

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