This Bamboo Water Bottle Is Game Changing

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We like to be out of the norm here at S'wheat. In fact, we'd go so far as to say that our bottles are the best and most environmentally friendly in the industry.

You know those reusable bottles that you can get for a very low price in the supermarket or bargain store?

Those that are identical to those extremely pricey ones with massive advertising campaigns and budgets?

Whether it's steel, glass or plastic water bottles, S’wheat is changing the game in so many ways.

The world's first eco-friendly water bottles manufactured from discarded bamboo fibre and wheat straw have proven to be incredibly popular with our customers. But what is it about our plant-based reusable bottles that makes them so appealing?

S'wheat is the first reusable plant-based water bottle in the world. Developed from compostable wheat straw and bamboo bio-plastic that is grown, made, and manufactured using waste materials in a natural and sustainable manner. Melamine, toxic chemicals, and BPA are not present in S'wheat's patented material.

  • Sustainable to the core: Using the Circular Economy from the point of production to the point of distribution S'wheat's environmentally friendly reusable water bottle makes the most of renewable resources and energy. The S'wheat Bottle consumes 95% less energy than reusable stainless steel bottles.

  • Practically Designed: S'wheat is especially notable for its lightweight yet long-lasting design. The S'wheat reusable bottle is only 250 gram, less than half the weight of a typical steel reusable bottle! Furthermore, this bamboo water bottle has a higher tensile strength than steel alloys, making it exceptionally durable.

  • Is it easy to transport your water bottle: Is there a handle on your reusable bottle? Or, better still, a carry clip? We strongly advise you to get a bottle with a carry handle and the ability to clip onto bags. When your hands are full on your everyday commute, it's a lifesaver. You'd be surprised how frequently a simple carry clip will come in helpful.

  • Finally a water bottle that's easy to clean: We hear time and time again how stainless steel water bottles are extremely difficult to clean, especially those with the narrow neck (you know the ones?!) The S'wheat bottle has been thoughtfully designed to be functional. Your bottle will last for many years because of the easy-to-clean design; say goodbye to nasty, mouldy bottles! Plus our unique bamboo and wheat bottles are naturally anti-bacterial thanks to the natural properties of bamboo.

  • Provides the ideal environmentally friendly corporate gift product for your company: If you're looking for eco-friendly branded water bottles or water bottles in bulk, you've come to the right place. With low minimum order quantities and quick turnarounds, S'wheat provides corporate branded bottles, custom water bottles, custom printed bottles, customised lasered bottles, bamboo printed bottles and bamboo branded bottles for every requirement!

  • One of our industry breakthroughs has been eliminating single-use plastics and unnecessary cardboard packaging  from our supply chain. The amount of plastic that is used by our competitors supply chain before the product and its packaging ever reach the stores is something that few people are aware of. Our founders are passionate about paying attention to these kinds of things. It's not always easy, but it was crucial to us because we wanted to create the most sustainable, gaming changing water bottle yet.

As you can see, this bamboo water bottle is literally game-changing, but that's not all:

Our reusable bottle can be used for both hot and cold drinks, making it ideal for bringing to work. When you purchase a S’wheat bottle, your very own tree (placed in your name) is also planted, which you can follow and monitor as it develops. This is a fantastic feature, and it makes purchasing a water bottle as a gift an excellent choice.

Overall this game changing bamboo bottle made with waste bamboo and wheat straw ticks all the boxes:

Antibacterial ✔

Easy to clean ✔

Durable ✔

Great for the planet ✔

Stylish ✔

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